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Things have been wild and crazy and busy and a bit stressful around here as of late. You can read the details on my hubby’s blog. It appears though that things have settled and life can get back into some sort of routine. We’ve got amazing friends and family that have been walking with us, praying for us, and loving us deeply– and my God is still good. Although I have much more to say on the matters, I don’t have the time, so until I do, let Thomas’s words fill in the blanks. Instead, I will bring you a picture post, brought to by Instagram. Enjoy!


Here and There: A Pictorial Extravaganza

Lately we’ve spent much time here and there, doing this and that. You know, just like most other families. I realized that our family blog, my virtual scrapbook, has too many gaps from life of recent weeks, mainly April and May thus far, so here is a bit details on our journeys. Take a look at our pictorial extravaganza:

(side note—I had all the images cleverly arranged within the post but for some reason, formatting was not my friend and it all just ended up being a jumbled disaster, so you’ll have to appreciate them collectively.)
  • Cheered at our eldest son’s first adventures into sports

  • Celebrated a Baby shower for an old college roomie

  • Enjoyed “Jazz on the Lawn” at a local winery with friends

  • I took a pleasure trip, sans kids, to TX to see one of my very best friend’s baby for the very first time. I went without kids and enjoyed living life on a different schedule than I normally do (stay up late, eat late, sleep late!)

  • Thomas had a business trip to TX to make a major presentation to some pretty important people. He also toured the Alamo while there.

  • Thomas spent three days doing volunteer work right after devastating tornadoes hit Alabama (check out his new blog to read more…..and perhaps leave a comment letting him know you stopped in for a visit. He is a bit blog-obsessed at the moment; hook him up with hits and make him happy!)

  • Visited the zoo–twice! Once, with grandma and daddy, and a second time just with mommy (the perks of a family membership!

  • Gone fishing with Uncle Damien and fell in the mud by accident (poor Wesley was *really* angry about the whole matter)

  • Relished in a visit to the symphony, compliments of free boxed-seats tickets from a friend (it was simply a-mazing!)

  • Went to the park, colored on our bellies (Wesley at least!), ate picnic lunches in the yard, visited the library frequently, made crafts, played dress up with friends, picked flowers that we really shouldn’t have because Mommy would like them (thanks Daniel!), worked with tools, and other such mommy is home with us during the day type adventures.

What’s next, you ask? Well, right on the horizon is an out of town adventure to celebrate 8 years of marriage together! Here is a sneak peek:

From Easters Past

We recently enjoyed a nice Easter together as our family of 4. Generally, we meet with extended family to celebrate the day. This year, however, we just kept to ourselves, which was quiet and enjoyable. After going to church to celebrate the true reason for Easter,  we went out to eat. After food, we and came home and napped. It was a rainy day, actually full of storms, so it was nice to not travel as we normally would.

Before church, we set up Thomas’s tripod and attempted family photos. After reviewing the pics, I began to think of the picture from the year before, and the year before, and the year before. It is great to see our family grow and change, so I decided to go back and grab as many as I could find. I was able to come up with a good amount of photos, Easters 2011-2006. I remember what Thomas and I wore in 2005 for Easter (yeah, I know, that is weird) but I could not find a digital copy. I think my life was still film then! Anyway, I thought I would share with you what I could find, to officially chronicle Easters past.

And for the prize of coolest blog reader: Can you guess in which ones I was pregnant (there are two of them)? In which one I had a black eye, thanks to Daniel? Do you know which two photos were actually taken at the same home (all the others are at different places)?

Awkward (and Funny) Photos

If you need to laugh out loud check out, which highlights awkward family photos. A friend clued me in on its hilariousness through one of her FB posts. My, oh my, how you will laugh. Here are a few that have brought me close to tears:

Bubble Girl

Awkward Babies

Thank God the cats are fat

A Loving Father

Proper Attire

The Wedge

While viewing these, I was reminded of one of my favorite photos from when I was little. I think it may be at my mom’s, so I will need to hunt it down so that I can share it.

I think part of the art of this “awkwardness” has been lost due to the digital nature of our photos today. I mean, now days we see it looks awful, so we delete it. Years past though, you just bought the pics or sent them to be printed without knowing what jewels might be included on the roll of film. Even though we *can* delete it, I think we should embrace any awkwardness that can be found. Agreed?

At Least We Tried

So, we attempted some Christmas card photos the other day. We got home from church and Thomas mentioned how great the kids looked. I was already cooking lunch but I knew we should take the opportunity before us and snag some great photos. Daniel cooperated but Wesley was just a ham and a wiggle worm. After a few shots of just them, Thomas and I took turns being in the photos too. It looks like we are not going to get many winners out of this photo session…….but at least we tried.( Honestly, even though not “perfect,” I Still like them anyway. Candid is always best, right?)

On Wesley

It seems I need to tell you something about my little man: he is all too adorable and simply melts my heart ♥ ♥ (along with sometimes exhausting me!)

(love how you can see his two toned eye in the image above)

And if you are my friend on FB, you might have already seen this one, for it brought about some thoughts on baby wearing and some good laughs on cake eating, not to mention Wesley’s expression:

i ♥ faces- Surprise!

So I know this is not the best quality of a photo but it fits the theme of SURPRISE! all too well:

What’s in that bag and why such a look of shock? Well, it is our first positive pregnancy test, and Thomas had no clue that it was coming his way, as part of his birthday celebration. It was perfect timing and such an awesome moment, being that I knew what was in the bag and I was ready with camera in hand. There was a second photo right after this one that was full of glee but I had to choose just one, so I went with this one. I mean, just think of the surprise of first opening a silly DVD and then the next package tells you that you are going to be a daddy…….Surprise!

Be sure to see how other folks have captured a surprising moment:

**edit to add–this was taken 4 years ago this past March when we discovered we were pregnant with out first child. I am NOT pregnant now :O)

i ♥ faces- Play

This is my little Wesley a splishin’ and a splashin’. I love how he is scrunching his face to avoid the water. I just posted this pictures in another post before I realized how well it would work for this week’s theme at i heart faces. Check out how others have captured play by clicking on the icon below:

I can’t believe that cutie above is about to turn one year! Where has the time gone….seriously? He has blessed our lives so much. God is good, my friends. :O)

i ♥ faces- Yellow

This photo is from around my first official Mother’s Day. I had asked Thomas to take photos of me and Daniel as part of my celebration. They all turned out awful. Simply awful. Not because of his photo abilities but because I had an ugly hair day and a zit. This stupid goose kept messing up the staging, and if I looked decent in one, Daniel had one eye closed and the other half open. If he got his act together, I was a mess. Figuring all was lost for me, I told Thomas to switch sides, at which point I got behind the camera and captured this shot. It makes my heart happy. Guess I got what I wanted after all!

See what other photos people are sharing, all featuring yellow, at i heart faces: