"I'm Excited!" It's Party Time

Daniel went to a party last night while Thomas and I used our final Christmas gift card to eat a lovely dinner out.

What type of party is a two year old attending, you might ask. Well, it was a Pajama Party at church, and our son was pumped about going. He talked about going and how excited he was in a much cuter fashion before I took the little video, but it is still pretty precious. When we drive toward church and he sees the steeple, he will say, “Ohhh! There it is! I excited!”

Pj party 008Pj party 007Pj party 004

Before we left, he was in a mood to smile and say cheese for a few photos for mommy. Once we got there and they wanted him to get his picture taken to put in his little commemorative farm frame, he wanted nothing to do with the camera, and he let that be known by screaming “NO CHEESE!!” at the poor photographer while simultaneously turning his back to her and crossing his arms in defiance. At some point they coaxed him back, for he came home with a nice photo in the adorable frame that now resides on the fridge.

It was nice to have a few hours out with the hubby sans Daniel, especially after such a busy week. To make matters even better, our dinner was free (due to the said gift card) and our son had a blast decorating cookies, coloring a bandanna, and playing with friends.

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