I’ll Huff and I’ll Puff….

….well you know the rest……

I do feel like our house is about to be “blown down” about right now. We are having some extreme winds and severe weather warnings. I just brought an item from our yard into our garage, but it was not ours! I figured I would keep it from blowing any further away from its home, and I will go hunting for its original owner once the wind stops, perhaps sometime tomorrow or Friday. Our big grill is currently laying in the backyard on its backside, complete with open lid. I am not about to go out there and try to lift it up in my condition (sick and pregnant), so it will just have to stay that way until Thomas gets home. Not that placing it back up would matter much anyway, for I think that the strong winds would just push it back over almost immediately.

As I look outside, I can see the trees bending sideways like tiny twigs in the wind’s force. The power lines are flopping around like thread tendrils. The sound of the wind whipping around our house is a little creepy as well. One moment it will gust loudly, sounding as if it is about to rip something off the outside structure of our home, only to transiently pause to gain more strength for its next attempt. This same commanding wind woke Daniel up from his nap, which was randomly early in the day, but it was his nap–my time to relax a little and get some things done–and it ended all too soon. Now he is operating in an annoyed mood, in which he gets frustrated easily. Example: he is looking at his alphabet flash card, calling out the letter or the items as he sees them, yet he will suddenly yell as one card does not do as he wishes, such as fit into its box.

Fortunate for us, we do not have to get out in these high winds anymore today. We were out earlier, but things were not as blustery at that point. I would not have ventured out at all, but I finally decided to go to the doctor to get my cough checked out by a professional. Turns out that I have bronchitis again! This time, however, I do not feel that death is knocking on my door, which is a great blessing. Don’t get me wrong, I am not in a mood to frolic around anywhere, but at least I can do more than just pray for help from my couch, as was the case last time.  So, antibiotics in hand, I am hoping for a quick and full recovery……..as well as a fully standing house by the end of this windy weather!

Hope things are well with you, wherever you are, windy or not :o)

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