Hazel Turns 3 (a.k.a.- the draft from 2017 I never published until 2018)

Looks like I’ve found myself with a nearly 2 year old blog draft. Rather than leave it unpublished forever, I’m hitting the button to make it official. I will say this though about Hazel’s 3rd Paw Patrol Birthday Party– It was the year momma forgot the candles. Additionally, we had none in the cabinet from birthdays past secretly hiding. So, in a pinch, I reached in a drawer and pulled out the Advent candles, hence Hazel having three, quite large and at various levels of burnt, purple candles. LoL

Pokemon 8th Birthday

Daniel turned 8 in November! It seems so wild to think that it is almost a whole decade since I became a mom. Seems like just the other day I was treading the trenches of motherhood for the first time to this not-so-little-anymore first born son.

Unfortunately, the week of his party, our whole family, sans Hazel, shared a stomach bug. It was quite disastrous. As if my sleep wasn’t on low enough levels as is, the throwing up of all family members at all hours of the night didn’t help me get rested. Although we all recovered in time, there was still just a whirlwind of things left to do or clean before we had guests, so we considered canceling his party.

It was the saddest little conversation ever. Big crocodile tears welled up in his eyes. He put his head down on his knees and his eyes leaked, even though he tried to will them not to do it. He looked at me and said, “I told you to have my party on my real birthday!” to which I replied, “Daniel, that was a week night. No one would have been able to come.” His next step in defending his party was to say, “Well, you already sent the invitations in the mail, so you have to have it!” It was a sound argument there.

So, in doing due diligence, we consulted the family that was invited, and most seemed fine with still coming, and they even offered to help get some last minute things together for him. With that kind of spirit, we kept the party as scheduled. The only real loss was a few “extra” ideas I had to make it extra special, along with having a fully coherent brain at the time of the party, which was reflected in the lack of pictures that I would have normally taken.


My son had some big plans for the birthday cake. He wanted it to be a Pokeball that when cut open Pokemon characters would fall out of in massive amounts. That character part wasn’t going to happen, at least not from me, so he settled with just having a Pokeball as the cake. Thanks to my friend Alison, I learned that they make some edible sugar sheet paper that could serve as the black lines, and thankfully she just gave me some to use for my cake. A bit of red coloring later, it was a decent looking product.  I was very pleased with how it turned out.

The decorations were pretty simple:

a) some repurposed yellow paper lanterns from his 7th Lego birthday that received Pikachu faces of happy, sad, and angry, which were eventually secured high

b) a goodwill find of a Pokemon sheet to serve as the table cloth

c) a few themed plates rotated with Pikachu yellow plates

c) a clearenced birthday sign that I stuck some Pikachu stickers on to fit the theme and

d) a nice #8 for the middle


DSC_0191 DSC_0188 DSC_0193 DSC_0171

We played a quick game with Daniel’s cousin and one of his best little buddies from school that were in attendance. They had to “find and catch” the proper Pokemons that had been assigned to them.

DSC_0164 DSC_0165 DSC_0167 DSC_0166 DSC_0170

We then moved inside to open some birthday presents! He was thrilled with all the items he was given. Thomas and I were so worn out from the days that preceded the party that we completely forgot to give him the present we got him! It was fine though cause it just meant a few days later when I remembered he had another gift to unwrap.


DSC_0174 DSC_0178


Overall, it was simple. He had fun, and that was the most important thing for the day. I am glad that we did not postpone, for his sake, and for the fact it might have been next to never that we could figure out another date that worked for most everyone.

We love you, son! So happy to celebrate the beginning of your 8th year of life.

(Little Sister was as cute as could be and was worn out after all the celebrating! The crazy part is, SHE is the next immediate family birthday for our little crew. I am trying to to think about that fact too much!)

IMG_3538 IMG_3539

A #5 Stars Wars Party

Welsey requested a Star Wars party this year. The boys are pretty obsessed these days. All I hear is “That happened to Anakin with a scrape.” “Bobo Fett wasn’t afraid then” (yes, Bobo….they say it wrong). “Darth Vader has a red light saber” and just about anything and everything in between. They’ve helped to get their cousin, Cason, hooked on Star Wars, and his poor parents don’t know anything about it. We are contemplating arranging classes for Cason’s dad on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that he can learn some things form Thomas. Then, Cason won’t have to hear “You’ll have to ask Thomas, son. We just don’t know” anymore from his parents. Basically, it is serious stuff around the V Family home. Star Wars shall not be taken lightly. We’ve done our best to follow the important parenting obligations noted in this Star Wars PSA we discovered through my friend Jennifer. Take heed to that Jar-Jar portion though folks. We didn’t intervene with Wesley soon enough, I must admits. DSC_0013


Anyway, when Wesley finally decided on this theme, it wasn’t much of a surprise, since our house is full of paraphernalia, I knew decorating would be super easy.  Grab the Darth Vader costume from the dress up bin, snag the Star Wars banks, display some material, and decor is a perfect fit.







I did purchase the disposable table wear at Party City on half-off. I suppose some people think Star Wars isn’t cool and the products earned a discount? Maybe it’s because in the not too distant future the new movies will be out? Who knows, really. I am just pleased that the clearance worked in my favor.DSC_0005


After seeing some super neat looking cookies on Pinterest, I asked an old friend of mine to recreate them in a sugar cookie version. We settled on a price of “you make me some cookies, I’ll give you some of my Thirty-One items” and the result was in my favor, I do believe. Thank goodness for talented friends! Yes, my friend Liz really did make those. Yes, they look totally awesome. Yes, they tasted delicious. And if you don’t know what they represent, you have failed at life. Maybe you should attend the classes with Cason’s dad. DSC_0011



Along with the amazing cookies, I decided to add a cake. In my mind, after I baked it up, I was going to develop the Death Star. It was a grand and ambitious goal my friends. I made the yummy cream cheese icing and tinted it the right color. I geared up pipe lines onto the cake, in order to make it resemble the ship. Then, I realized that I am no cake decorator. I looked at it and decided just put the glass lid on the cake stand. I asked Thomas if it looked ridiculous due to the now somewhat disgusting looking color of the icing (which was never really a great match from the start, to be honest) and he said it was fine. The next morning, Welsey said, “I know what you did Momma. You made me the Death Star!” Turns out, I succeeded after all, even if I didn’t really do much.



I also blew up some balloons and strung them across our opening between the living room and kitchen areas. I printed out Storm Troopers and made the birthday banner that I had hoped for in my mind. It was super easy and looked pretty good too, if I may say so myself.



The cousins played light sabers outside, we sang happy birthday, Wesley opened his gifts, and we chowed down on some pizza too.




All in all, it was a fun little event for our birthday boy. I am amazed what this little guy can do—how he can switch from rough and tough to soft and sweet. He can read pretty well, but he will not really let you know it. He loves art and drawing, coloring each and every day, often multiple times a day. Don’t mess with his sister, or there will be a price to pay. For that matter, don’t mess with his momma either. He’s loyal to the end, once he decides you’re worth it. His heart is big, and he shares and does the right thing, even when you would least expect it. I can’t believe all that he has to offer the world, even at a young age. I’m proud of you, sweet Wesley……May the Force be with you.


star wars family


(and a secret picture I took, which blesses my heart—–daddy with son, working on the Lego box we got him)



Daniel’s #7 Lego Birthday Party

Each boy talks about and plans his birthday throughout the year. We aren’t really ones to buy our kids toys other than birthdays and Christmas, so the “I would like that for my birthday” goes on all year long. They also contemplate what kind of birthday theme they will have when their big day comes. Much like their Halloween costumes, they seem to change their minds and adjust the plan a million times. Eventually, I have to make them decide, and often I will coax them towards a theme that I know I can pull off or find items for easily. Eventually, for his 7th birthday, Daniel decided on Legos. Once it was finally a go, I got to planning, and being that my ability to go and get what I needed for the celebration was drastically different than years past (thank you car wreck, no car, and 6 month driving restriction!), most things had to be even more easily accessible than in the past. Thankfully we have more than enough Legos on hand.

I found via the web some great ideas and put Thomas to work constructing with the kiddos those items. In prime Lego nerd form, Thomas replied to most images I showed him with “Yeah, we can do that……but better.” It is with that mindset that the castle cupcake holder was fashioned:



Those awesome looking Lego men are edible! Thanks to a Lego man mold purchased a few years back when Thomas and I visited NYC’s Lego store, yummy white chocolate dyed yellow pieces were born.

Decorating was pretty easy, and thanks to two more homemade Lego designs by my boys, we had a #7 sign and a silverware/napkin holder.

DSC_0010DSC_0008I took square yellow plates and drew faces on them to replicate the Lego man. All the faces were different, and it was really cute to me (although not sanitary) when Wesley shuffled through every single one to find the exact plate that he wanted. The orange Lego brick was a bit more of a challenge to make than I had anticipated. I blame this on my lack of patience and geometry. Regardless, when finished, it looked pretty decent, so I was okay with it.

Daniel was in charge of making the Lego faces for his banner in the living room. He did a great job and was very creative with the faces he crafted.

DSC_0013When the guests first arrived, we played a game of Lego bingo to pass the time while the meatballs I had made finished in the oven. I found the Bingo sheets here from some mom that did a much better job than I could have done creating one. The concept was good, but being that we don’t have a color printer, it was a tad harder for the kids to get a good visual of each character, so there was a bit more hunting for the figure than I had expected, thus a little parental assistance was needed.

DSC_0019DSC_0020I had intended to buy one Lego mini-figure to have a prize, but I was never able to get around to it. It worked out for the best, being that the birthday boy won.

After Bingo, we moved on to the food! I had meatball subs for Daniel, cause it happens to be one of his favorites. I had not used the specific meatball/sauce recipe that I decided upon for the party before, but I am pleased to say everyone seemed to enjoy them, especially Daniel, and he was who I was out to please.

DSC_0023There was also sandwich meat and PBJ ingredients for those not big on meatballs. Fruit, veggies, chips, and cupcakes/cake rounded out the goodies for event. Being that we had a party during prime eating time so Thomas could get in a full Saturday of work, I wanted to make sure everyone was well fed. Mission accomplished, I do believe.

DSC_0021After everyone was done eating, we moved straight into singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy and then immediately into gifts. The cupcakes were ready for all right at the start, but the Lego cake was cut and served to those that wanted it while the kids huddled together and ooohed and ahhhed over presents.

DSC_0026DSC_0036DSC_0028Daniel received some very thoughtful gifts, such as a Bible, Legos, art supplies, and a new wii game. He also received some money from my brother Damien that was creatively delivered in different increments and in various envelopes/cards.  It was funny to see Daniel’s brain try and keep up with the amount (he’s still in a stage where paper money is all the same, whether it be a $1 or a $20, so his cousin, that is 2 years older, was a bit more excited about it all, for understood the amounts better!).

Each kiddo, before leaving, was given a small goodie bag containing candy, a bouncy ball, slime, and for my niece Jenna only, since she was the only little girl, a beaded necklace.



He truly seemed to have a good birthday, and I hope he enjoyed all the small details that I tried to give him in order to make it memorable. Sometimes, I am very full aware that the birthday details are all about me as mom. Those details, however, are important to me, being that it is a way I can show my extra care and love for him. I made him the Lego man shirt and was glad when he was excited about it and wanted to wear it.

I enjoyed throwing random Legos into a glass container I had while also strategically placing some in certain places/spaces for fun.


I simply loved seeing Daniel happy and having so many family members and dear friends in one spot, all in celebration of the birth of my first born.

7th bday familyHappy 7th Birthday, Daniel. May you be blessed with many, many, many more days of celebration to come.

Wesley’s 4th Birthday Party: Transformers

So, it’s been over a month since the celebration. I figure it way past time to share the photos of the fun from Wesley’s 4th birthday!

The door into our home, to greet our guests.
The sweet birthday boy!

For some reason, the kiddo wanted a Transformers party. I honestly couldn’t tell you why. We didn’t have a single Transformers toy or cartoon or anything. Regardless, he sorta stuck with the concept, so when he and my mom went to a local party store that was going out of business, they loaded up on some Transformers goodies. Those items, plus some recycled decorations from my cousin’s son’s party a few weeks prior, not to mention some donated toys from my sister-in-law and an outfit from a yard sale, helped us end up with quite a stash of Transformers paraphernalia.

Things were simple. We had only family over and, after a game of Frisbee golf in the back yard, we hit the food and then quickly opened presents.

Tips from Uncle Damien, the good sport for the round of frisbee golf.

For the early dinner we ate BBQ, chips, veggies, and Wesley’s favorite: cantaloupe. Things were finished off with chocolate cupcakes and a small cake that Wesley chose, strawberry with cream cheese icing.

I love this excited, real smile from him!
I love this excited, real smile from him!
Yummy homemade cupcakes with homemade toppers!
Food for all!

It was a bit humorous to see Wesley open his gift. He just blazed through each and every one of them, which is so odd for one of our kids

The gift from Mommy and Daddy!
The gift from Mommy and Daddy.

to do. Usually they really savor a gift and make a big deal out of it, but he just sorta operated like a tornado. After all the gifts were opened, Thomas and I realized what his strategy was: open all gifts swiftly, assess the loot, and then go back and properly examine and be entertained. Seriously, immediately after he was done, he swooned over his castle toys, he asked to put on some of the pjs he got (you’ll notice a wardrobe change in the photos), and he began coloring with all his art supplies. One by one, he did what we normally would have expected him to do, but he needed to just assess it all first, I suppose. It was quite cute in the end.

The ogre for his castle!
The ogre for his castle!

All in all, it was a grand day. I always love letting my kids live it big on their birthdays. We tell them “no” to things so often, so the “yes!” of a birthday is just such a great treat.

A little bit of love for Momma!
A little bit of love for Momma!
A little bit of love for Nanna!
A little bit of love for Nanna!
A whole lot of love for his water gun!
A whole lot of love for his water gun!

Thanks to all that came to help us celebrate our Wesley. He’s goofy, loyal, receptive, and persistent. We’re glad to call him ours.

Happy 4th Birthday, Wesley!
Happy 4th Birthday, Wesley!
Goodies for the cousins: transformers bubbles (just printed off a something an taped them on myself), a Transformer coloring book, and a bag of candy!
Goodies for the cousins: transformers bubbles (just printed off a something an taped them on myself), a Transformer coloring book, and a bag of candy!

Angry Birds Birthday Party

I truly can’t believe that my first born turned 6 in November. But since I can’t change the fact he is getting older, I resolved to have fun celebrating the fact. We did just that, angry birds style!

I really wanted to play angry birds, live action, and I just knew Daniel would love it, so I started saving boxes. With so much Thirty-One coming to my door, those boxes piled up quickly and we were set.DSC_0181

The kids actually stacked and constructed their own structure, piling our two stuffed pigs wherever they liked. Next, they took the three balls that I painted and threw them at the structure with hopes of taking out a pig!

DSC_0173My brilliant sister-in-law even played the angry birds theme music on her phone while the kids demolished their structures. Perfect addition.


It was so much fun, us adults even took turns. When Thomas was creating, he wanted the pig at the top of his structure, which he couldn’t reach, and being tied with his dad as being the tallest person there, he opted to lift me up and make me responsible for getting the pig at the highest point.

DSC_0191 DSC_0192Right when us adults started to get tired and the kids started to get impatient for their turn to come again, the sun began to set and it began to get cold.


When I had initially scheduled the party, I had forgotten about daylight savings time occurring just a bit before the celebration date, so the sun was headed down faster than I anticipated, but it worked well for ushering the party inside for food and presents.

Decorations were mainly what the boys had colored from an angry birds coloring pad. I also made use of a Halloween pumpkin, stuffed birds, angry bird toys, a decorative poster, and other themed elements that we already had.  I did purchase the balloon pig and bird at a party store though, cause they just looked too great to pass up.

DSC_0169 DSC_0179 DSC_0180  DSC_0261 DSC_0221 DSC_0220 DSC_0217 DSC_0203 I had planned to do all cupcakes as birds or pigs bit those ended up being a big fail, so cupcakes ended up just being red with sprinkles. I figured out what the trick is though to making a red angry bird look like an angry bird……..it is all in the eyes. They have to touch to make it look right. If you gap them apart, it looks funny. See evidence below for full confirmation:

DSC_0170 579222_10151102556431765_49405976_nHad I discovered this sooner, the cupcakes might have been fully adorned with bird features rather than just sprinkles. But Daniel liked them, bird faced or not, so I was content with that.DSC_0253Daniel got some great gifts, from Legos, to books, to crafts, to super hero gear. He even received a “real” light saber from us, hand picked by Thomas. Thomas took great care to get this gift, and I can honestly say I think it is the first gift he has ever bought for Daniel’s birthday. Generally I buy them, Thomas wraps them, and we put both our names on it. This time, Thomas bought and wrapped, and when he brought out the gift, I am not sure who was more excited, Thomas or Daniel, but with the odd shape, even wrapped it resembled a light saber. As Thomas entered the room with the present, Daniel yelled out, “I know what that is!!!” “You do?” replied Thomas. “Yes! It is an UMBRELLA!” DSC_0243 DSC_0246This gift outweighs an umbrella, if you ask me, but I find it quite cute that Daniel was content to be getting an umbrella!

DSC_0256Each child guest went home with angry bird items (Thank you Target dollar spot and clearance section!) and a homemade angry bird name tag (Thank you Thomas for your cutting abilities!).

Overall I think it was a blast, and Daniel was very excited. We talked about knocking down the pigs for days after. His friends and cousins all had fun too. What a great time celebrating our son. Happy Birthday Daniel!

DSC_0205 DSC_0209 IMG_4231 IMG_4232

Turning 3, Super Hero Style

I can’t believe I let the whole month of June finish out before posting about my sweet Wesley’s birthday and party. In fact, I let the whole month of June go with only posting once! I promise to do better here in July. In keeping with that, let me tell you a little about my second son’s big day!

On his actual birthday, he immediately began asking for his cake when he woke up in the morning. I guess when you turn 3 you don’t think it is a birthday until you blow out a candle or something. In an attempt to appease, I made him pumpkin muffins for breakfast. This boy just *loves* them and they are pretty simple to create, just some pumpkin and coconut oil and a few other things and they are ready to bake. He also got to open a gift from his Uncle John, still with the “sleepies” in his eyes, as I use to say when growing up (and he has shorts on, promise. The boys are just real big now days about sleeping with no shirt).

That night, the family went out to eat at Chili’s. If we are going to eat out, we tend to eat here, only because they very frequently send e-mails out with TWO free Kids’ meals with an adult entree. They have some pretty healthy choices, and if I order something (we will sometimes go when Thomas is at work), both kids get to order a meal—for free! They had a coupon out available for use on Wesley’s actual birthday, so that is just what we did. While there, he got to open a present from us, a Spiderman toy and an Avengers shirt. He was so excited about each and had to put them to use right away. The shirt he wore in was taken off and his new one was put in its place. The server saw that we were celebrating our little man, and since Wesley was very eager to tell everyone “I 3 today!” the waiter  helped us celebrate by bringing out a brownie with ice cream–for free! We had a good time and Wesley was very happy.

There was a little gap between his actual birthday and the big celebration, but when it finally arrived, Wesley was pumped. We did a general super hero theme, which made planning and staging really simple, for any super hero worked! I had found a load of Batman supplies at a consignment sale for $5 and then I found Spiderman stuff clearenced out at Target, so we got all his themed items for a great price. I intended to do so much more in celebration but my time couldn’t catch up with my plans. So, I did the best I could for my little man, and since he is 3, it was plain perfect.

Everyone was asked to “help us save the day” and wear a Super Hero shirt.

I blew up some balloons and had Thomas cut out some bats and we made a cool Batman balloon banner (and it is still up—I liked it :O)

I had big plans of making all these super cookies look like Captain America shields but I realized after about 5 of them that I am not enough of a meticulous or type A person, so the rest of them just ended up being solid, bright colors. At least a few looked great, right?

I got all goofy and put colors in the lemonade and named them Super Hero names. Daniel assisted by coloring the labels, for he was really persistent about contributing to the celebration, much of which was officially assembled while Wesley napped.

The table was decked out with fruit, veggies, olives (a Wesley favorite), chips and salsa, and what were self-acknowledged some of the best cupcakes I have personally ever made. They were soooo good. Thomas also grilled hamburgers for us. He is always so good about making the main course food!

We opened gifts right away, for who wants to make a newly 3 year old wait?

You can see Wesley with the shield my brother brought and the cape my mom wore, while arriving as Captain America and Batman. Whether they intended to or not, Wesley got to keep them, for there was no way he was letting those two items out of his sight.

He later spent 20 minutes jumping off our ottoman yelling “To The Bat Cave!!” or “BATMAN!” while throwing his arms out and spreading wide the cape. It was pretty stinkin’ hilarious–and cute (and yes, we had a wardrobe change—because his Aunt Chelle and Uncle Austin got him a shirt he had to put on immediately!)

To the Bat Cave!

All in all, it was a great little event. We kept it pretty simple, just ran around the yard playing with toys, no official games. The birthday boy was happy, and that makes me happy, so I will call it a success!

My kids consistently refuse to cooperate with pictures, so it seems, and my nephew has this unending need to do bunny ears in every photo, but this is pretty genuine and true to form, so I like it.
The little “I can’t believe you were this tiny 3 years ago!” set-up, along with the plates and napkins,
Happy Birthday, Wesley Reesse! Enjoy being 3!
Holy smokes, it’s Batman! Or maybe just Daniel…..
Our sweet neighbors with their thanks for coming gifts–a Spiderman cup, Spidey paper with markers, suckers, and Captain America tattoos.
Aunt Chelle and Grandma help to prepare Wesley for his jumps!
Last minute shot, to prove Thomas was at the event!
Daniel took this of me and Elizabeth. Great shot, Daniel!

5 Years and Counting

Daniel is turning 5 this month. It is almost unbelievable. I mean, 5? Really? Man oh man. Although he is not officially 5, we’ve already had his party. He wanted a Sponge Bob party, and even though I am not a Sponge Bob fan and we don’t even have the cable channels that it comes on at our house, he has seen it at his Grandma’s and he likes it. We check out the books from the library and the bright yellow sponge is a hit with him and his brother. So, alas, a Sponge Bob party it was.

I lined the sidewalk coming into our house with pineapples, and the table was mainly decorated with items Wesley was given at his 2nd birthday from his Aunt. I made a square yellow cake and we found some Sponge Bob mini-characters at a yard sale that became great cupcake toppers.

Being that he is only turning 5 and a simple party at home is still pleasing to him, I opted to keep it low-key and ultimately cheap. We ordered pizza for everyone, which is certainly not healthy but it was tasty and convenient. It’s a birthday so everyone is allowed to splurge, right?

Daniel was given some gifts that truly suited him. It is neat to see him developing a personality, and I really appreciate people buying gifts to suit his tastes. He was given some art supplies, books, puzzles, some Star Wars clothing items, a Sponge Bob necklace with his name on it, a Lego sticker book, a Veggie tales DVD, and a Sponge Bob game.

Although we had talked the night before the party about what you do when you get something that you may already have, complete with role playing, Daniel still said “I already have that!” when he opened his Veggie Tales DVD. Fortunately only family was there, so no one got too upset. In fact, my mom is going to put the receipt in the mail and we can try to get him one he does not have yet.

His gift from us was an Angry Bird hat, which he was quite fond of after opening it. He has been wearing it off and on since and it just cracks me up to see it atop his head! I honestly can’t wait for it to get much cooler so he can wear it around all the time!

The weather was great, so the cousins played outside. Throwing Frisbee, swinging, sidewalk chalk, wrestling, bikes, and other outdoor activities were on the agenda. I wish November weather could be a little more predictable, for I just might make a leap and plan the whole event outside, if I could be promised super weather like we had on the party day.

Looking at these pictures, it is just so hard to believe that my first born is already so independent. I mean, at his first birthday he wasn’t even walking and needed my help with every present. Now, he is running full force and ripping open packages. In fact, my sweet niece was still in the womb at his first birthday bash and now she is writing her own name with sidewalk chalk! Sweet great-grandparents  of Daniel were present at birthdays past that are no longer with us. As he grows, life changes, and I am just glad to have moments of pause and celebration of the amazing life the Lord has granted unto us to raise to honor him. Man, I had no intentions of making this a sappy post, but when I just glimpse at the photos of the day, I get soft-hearted. Happy Birthday Daniel! We were pleased to celebrate you, dear son, and we can’t wait until the official day comes and we can applaud you all again, complete with another surprise!

Toy Story #2 Party

Well, since the month of June is coming to a close, I wanted to go ahead and make sure I at least got my sweet boy’s birthday documented during the actual birth month, so let’s take a look at Wesley’s special day.

To welcome guests to the party, I decorated the front door with expo markers and a poster of Buzz and Woody. The inside of the door also had a poster where we played “pin the badge on Woody.” My niece Jenna won the contest, but only Wesley, Jenna, and Daniel played. The other kids didn’t want to do it, for whatever reason.

Wesley was pretty excited to see his decorations, espcially Buzz flying in the sky:

I love how he looks so tiny next to the table of goodies. (side note: I *almost* had a heart attack when Wesley nearly pulled the tower of cupcakes down, onto himself, just moments before the party was to start. You can ask my sister-in-law for confirmation of that fact. Fortunately, they just wiggled over to one side and then toppled back to even rather than smothering him in homemade chocolate icing.)

I made gift bags for all the kiddos that had fun goodies inside, along with giving each a Woody painting set. All the Toy Story decorations were mainly taken from the boys’ toy stash, and it was fun thinking of ways and places to use them. For example, each cupcake had a toy soldier on top. The below decoration was my favorite, although I think the concept of it was lost on all the kid guests, being that most have only seen Toy Story 3, not the first one, which is what this set-up references.

My friend Pat gave me a birthday kit that she picked up at work on sale, so we used some of the gift bags as popcorn bags at the celebration. We also used the birthday banner that was included, along with a few other goodies. Isn’t she so thoughtful? Pat totally knows I am a dork when it comes to parties and that I love a good deal, so it was a perfect fit.

We kept it low key structure wise, opening the gifts first so everyone could play with them, using the bubble machine inside, and allowing the kids to eat cupcakes before we actually sang to Wesley. It’s just easier that way. This meant that when it came time to actually sing and blow out the candles, Wesley already had chocolate on his face from his cupcake, which he did not eat but only licked the chocolate off of and then discarded randomly next to the couch. See exhibit a, to the right, for proof, as well as the image below.

I love how happy he looks about his cake and everyone singing. I had to help him blow out the candle, but later, on his actual birthday yet after his party, he blew it out without a problem all on his own.

It was great to have family and friends come to celebrate the life of our little one.We even played outside some so Wesley could put some of his new toys to use. No one stayed outside too long though because it was hot!

It is unbelievable how much he is growing, how much he is learning, and just how much we love this little wild and crazy son of ours. Happy 2nd Birthday Wesley! May God give you many, many more years of celebrations.

Turning 4, Mickey Mouse Style

As I showed you in the sneak peek, Daniel had himself a little Mickey Mouse party. To say it was fun for us as parents would be an understatement. It was such a wonderful time. I just love celebrating my children and their life on this earth!

We opted for  a Mickey Mouse celebration due to one of my favorite stores having the MM party supplies on clearance. It was a starting place and we just added fun items from there. I will say that having a trademarked character as our theme was harder to obtain cheap and cute items for than our general pirate theme last year. One good thing, however, about a MM theme party is that you can pretty much just make 3 black circles and you are spot on for additional decorations (see the MM 4 sign that I made using black paper plates). I, with limited ability to cut straight and write straight, was able to make things work well, along with the additional help of the hubby!

For starters, Mousketeers were given mouse ears made out of a stiff felt and hot glued to headbands. Girls were given ones with bows! This was an extremely more frugal way to obtain MM ears, I am sure, for the headbands came in a pack of 5 for a buck and the felt was 32 cents a sheet, of which I bought 3. After I told him what to do, Thomas actually made them the night before our celebration. It was that easy!

I kept in mind things that Daniel would love to have at his party, so we had a popcorn station. Everyone seemed to love this idea, for there was not a piece left at the end of the party. I let adult party-goers take home a popcorn tub. These were located in a dollar clearance section, so they were a frugal addition that made a huge improvement over just having all the popcorn stashed in a big bowl. That *huge* balloon was found on sale for 2 dollars. I did have to pay to get helium from our local grocery story, which was also 2 bucks, but the added price was still cheaper than they generally run anywhere else.

If your children have ever watched an episode of MM or read a new MM book, you must be aware of the “Toodles” that helps the Mousketeers accomplish a mission. Thomas and I, again the night before, created a Toodles and thought out some Mousektools for the kids to use to help solve the problem of the missing gifts. It was such a fun time running around outside watching Daniel and his friends gain back control of his gifts, even from the grasp of a giant monster!

Opening presents was such a special time, for my little boy showed how sweet his heart truly is. He became just as excited about his “mail” as he did any gift he received. What 4 year old enjoys cards so much? He also would smile and laugh about the gift, and then, when told who actually gave it to him, he thought we were saying it was their gift, not his, so he would say “Oh sorry!” and try to give it back to the person, never losing his smile. In fact, he had been given a gift the day before his party by a family friend and when we woke up on his party day, we asked him if he was excited about gifts. His reply was “I already got my gift yesterday! I only need one.” He even told my brother, when he was questioning him about what he wanted for his birthday, that he “had plenty of toys” and did not need any more. We did *not* tell him to say that. In fact, I think all kids should get to open gifts on their birthday, and I do not like when parents say not to bring gifts to their child’s party. Keep it cheap, certainly! Not have any? NO way! Alas, he has such a good spirit and he spoke his heart and acted so kind.(take note of Daniel with the only gift he has ever requested, of which he has been requesting when asked about his birthday: “the biggest gun ever”)

The MM cookies were yummy, even if they were a bit exhausting for Mommy to make! The company was even better, and I am so glad that our friends and family made time to come and celebrate with us. Just look at all the fun we had:

I am so proud of my little boy making it another year, and I pray God grants him many, many, many more birthdays to come!