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Meet Our Little Family:family best.jpg

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Loves running, although she can’t and doesn’t do it enough, but when it happens, she has great chats with God and sometimes finds crazy things that make the run interesting, such as this and little treasures like this. Always a bit passionate and often feisty. A mom of 3 with a job teaching classes for a local college. Heroffice has two windows, so she’s basicallyarrived in life.



thomas headshot 2.pngTherapist by day……and often a therapist by night (let’s face it, we all get a little overwhelmed and crazy!). Constantly putting out fires. Lover of all things geeky, such as computers, Star Wars and video games Resident, in house, Nurse Practioner. Patient, almostalways funny, and only sometimes right :O)




(Man these are old pics….with some new pics sprinkled in for good measure.)







Imaginative and smart first born son. He’s not IMG_7933.jpglonger Toothless wonder (good news: teeth grew in….he now has braces to fix that mess!) that lovesknock-knock jokes. His humor has matured, just as hehas. Give him some books and cashews and life is grand (scratch the cashews these days, but keep the books…..always the books). Often a creature of habit and melts mommy and daddy’s hearts when he hugs them and says, “You’re my best friend eber” (and yes, it is eber, because he has no front teeth to say the V). Eber is out and tween angst has only slightly set in for now. Fortnite, Goosebumps, and a bit of solitude make him smile. Has only stolen something once (ok, that number has gone up, but I guess that is a different story for a different day). He’s mostly a fully recovered klepto. LoL

A goofy and fearless second born son. Full of energy, oftenexhausting, but shy at the flip of a switch.


Temperament of mommy, hair of daddy. Learning new words every day but still able to get his point across when necessary. Okay the words thing is a story of the past now,cause the boy is the brightest in his class, but everything else still rings true. He’s athletic and strong.Bright and sensitive to others. He’s a keeper.



IMG_7919.jpgHAZEL (I have no idea how I made those fancy fonts for our names…..so this gal gets basic font. Sorry sister!).

A loud but loving preschooler, she doesn’t let much stop her once she’s decided it will be done. Songs are the way to her heart, and she will make up her own on a whim, complete with a melody and a bridge, plus a consistent chorus. Questions upon questions make up her day, and as long as she’s got some Shopkins and a “bookie read” (an audio CD that we listen to in the car) she’s happy. Okay, that’s a lie. She also needs food, lots and lots of snacks. And a bag to load stuff in from all random locations in the house that will work just well to drive her momma crazy. Art supplies are a constant must. Beautiful smile and heart.

5 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hey Summer. I love the blog…I decided to start one on blogspot b/c of Gavin’s upcoming arrivial. Wesley is the master of faces. :)

    1. Oh wow, thanks for commenting, Kristin! I am not completely done with the book yet (holidays and kiddos taking up too much spare reading time) but I assure you when I am done, I will write something here!

  2. Hey Sum, love the blog, and all the cute pics of your beautiful family. Drea wants us to also start a blog and so i’m going to put something together soon so we can document all the moments with Baby Ram. Anyways, the boys are getting big, I like the big brother lil brother t-shirts, too cute.

    Happy Mothers Day!

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