It’s Been a Bit

Okay, it has been more than a “bit.” It’s been over a year. Sad, sad times here in the world of my blog. I have so much to say and so little time to say it….or should I say I don’t prioritize it in the time I do have. I taught the lesson to our youth on Sunday at church and the lesson linked to some ideas I wanted to share that also happened to be on my blog, titled “And He Clothed Them.” It was then that a) I came face to face with the fact of my non-posting status and b) that I realized some students legitimately looked at me slightly confused when I said the word BLOG. Dear Lord. I guess I truly am that old.

Alas, I’ve updated our header and the “about” section. In the changing of the header, I have no idea how I got the header to be so HUGE. And…I can’t currently undo it. In the same vein as crafting a huge header, I also removed the tab to choose “about.” Go figure. However, have no fear! There is a link for that:  (and here also contains a few new pictures! yay!)

Despite your fears, (or hopes maybe, depending on your view of us. LoL), we are alive and well. Happy, sometimes stressed, unbalanced at times, and tired most days from living the joy of life.

I challenge myself to NOT wait another year before putting anything else out here. Surely I can make that happen.

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