Back to School 2017


Yet again, we’ve started back to school this month. This years marks my 13th year teaching, in some form or fashion, and it starts Daniel’s 5th grade year, Wesley’s 3rd grade year, plus it greets our very first preschool/Mother’s Day Out year for Hazel (none of our other kiddos did any pre-k official schooling, so we are newbies to this!). So far, we are doing well with our new teachers and routines, although we still feel a little wobbly on some aspects.

I’m teaching a few new courses this semester, so there is a bit of growing happening for me in that respect. I feel like one of the courses, a 400/senior level English course is right up my alley and plays to my teaching strengths, yet having never taught it previously there is a tremendous amount of planning involved.

Daniel is being greeted with high exceptions, being he and the other 5th graders are the oldest kids in the school. This allows him to be a part of IMG_1286some cool tasks, like Kindergarten tour guides of sorts. For the first two weeks he welcomed them out of their cars and held their hands, if needed, covered them with umbrellas, if necessary, and spoke kindly to them in order to help them feel safe at their new school. He kept a kindergarten tally of sorts, noting how many little kids he was able to help. The whole concept did wonders for his self-esteem. He was also really good at it, and this is coming from other mommas that saw him helping and working with the K-kids, sometimes even their own. It did my heart wonders to hear of his gentle spirit. We tell them to “Love God, Love Others,” and it is nice to see that in practice, even at his little elementary school. Speaking of, this is his LAST year in elementary! How in the world did that happen?


Wesley is handling 3rd grade like a pro. He is already ahead of the game in some respects, simply because he never wants his older brother to know things he doesn’t. This fact makes him learn cursive, beg for multiplication tables, and read the biggest books he can find. He has already begun to see some of the new possibilities afforded to him as he advances in grade levels, so I know he is going to love this school year.

IMG_1295 2



Hazel is attending the MDO a few blocks from the campus at which I teach. So far, she loved every minute and could care less if I come or go most days. She’s pretty certain of herself and doesn’t mind entering into a new space, most days. I sorta feel like the loser preschool mom cause all too often I have already forgotten something involved with her new little routine


or expectations, but I am sure I will soon figure it all out……just in time for something in it to change. If you can convince her to tell you what she did at her school the two days she goes, you will likely hear something about one of the “brothers” in her class that also likes Paw Patrol. She won’t say his name, and yes she calls him brother, cause that is simply her way of referencing the fact it is another boy. I can’t wait to see all the little ways in which she grows, mentally and spiritually.


Turns out, Daddy didn’t start school this year at all in August, although that hasn’t always been the case. He is, however, continuing on with his thriving business and therapy practice. Some days, being small business owners and entrepreneurs takes a heavy toll, but mostly being able to work how he wants and when he wants is the ideal he has always hoped for in his profession.

So, look at me! I posted about starting school August 1st actually IN the month of August! Much better than last year……..when I posted about it in DECEMBER!

Happy back to school for you and yours!

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