Spring Break 2017

Last week was our spring break. This meant the boys didn’t have school and momma didn’t have to teach her two day that week.

The break began with a Friday night dinner out for Thomas’s birthday. We ordered the mega meal, that had some sort of specific name that I no longer remember, based off the premise of “you won’t have to cook dinner for a few days.” Indeed, the not having to cook thing ended up being true, and we were still all able to eat like kings in celebration. To quote Wesley, “I’ve eaten ribs……and now I’m a man!”

The next day, Saturday, we had some winter weather! The snow fell quickly and melted nearly as fast. We were able to manage a pretty intense family snowball fight, which ultimately resulted in me having a sore arm from throwing so many for intensely for so long. I don’t know if I should be ashamed or proud of myself.

Sunday we went to celebrate Thomas’s, as well as Austin’s, birthday. It was a nice time with everyone laughing and eating spaghetti. I swear my boys can eat their weight in nana’s spaghetti. After all the partying, Thomas and I got into the car and drove home, leaving the kids there with Nana and Grandpa Tom!

This leaving of said children resulted in a Monday and Tuesday of Thomas being off work, me not teaching, the kids being gone, and us just enjoying the presence of one another in our own home, seeing a movie in the theater, sleeping late and eating dinner out at odd hours with no worries, and spending longer times in the hot tub. Indeed, miracles do still happen.

Wednesday I picked the kiddos up from the grandparents, where they played hours of monopoly, too many games of sequence, visited a museum, and ultimately were loved beyond measure. When traveling home, we stopped at our favorite bookstore, selling back some books and grabbing more with our store credit to add to our collections. Hazel zonked out for her nap on the way home. 

Thursday we finally had nicer weather, so I took the boys hiking while Hazel stayed home with Thomas. We had such a good time, and it is rare that we are able to get out without little sister. The boys do certainly deserve some big kid time, where we don’t have to cater to what the littlest needs or wants. After hiking, we visited another bookstore, cause obviously we have an addiction.

Friday, St. Patrick’s Day, the kids played with friends while I attended a meeting, and we spent the rest of the day reading books and working on rubix cubes  (the boys, not me…..I hate the things. LoL). The kids also watched Storks, which Hazel determined to be a scary movie because of the wolves.

Saturday we had nice weather again, so we played outside, rode bikes, shot water guns, shot the bow and arrow, laid in the hammock, played video games, and other relaxing feats.

Sunday the family went to church while I skipped out to have some solo time logging some miles on a local trail. I also had some grading to complete that I had put off for far too long during break. We also went to visit family and get one last hoorah in before settling back into routines.

That’s that! Spring Break 2017 in the books, snow and all!


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