Hello There Ol’ Blog!

Turns out, I still have a blog…..despite the fact I haven’t posted in 6 months. It’s not from lack of desire of ideas. It’s really just about time and priorities. We’ve been super busy, in many amazing ways, in the past few months. I feel like trying to update on everything would just turn into a big post of rambling though. Maybe hitting the highlights wont be so bad? Let’s see…..

The boys started a new school year in August. 4th grade and 2nd. 

 I also started my school year in August. I’m back with the same university for my second year. I still teach the college courses two days a week, and I am keeping occupied but happy with my role. 

September brought things like car pool lines, football games, and road races. 

October brought the full on crazy. At some point we had the idea we wanted to sell our house. The market where we live is “hot” and we wanted to take advantage of it. Our home was wonderful but lacked some things we really desire, mostly land and an extra bedroom. October meant moving, which wasn’t a bad thing at all, but the timing was not quite what we planned. Moving day arrived directly after a couple’s trip away and immediately before Thomas went out of town for a conference and I went out of town separately for a half marathon. 

Our home is older but completely remodeled inside, which basically translate to us not having work to do, which is fabulous cause we honestly don’t have the life space for improvements. We have just shy of 5 acres, mature trees, a pool, and lots of wildlife to give us joy. 

Moving almost killed us. It’s not like we were newbies to the process (this made our 9th move as a married couple in 13 years together). But, alas, the last home was the longest we lived anywhere, we added another human to our family while there, and several things from my mom’s estate made it to our place when hers was sold. 

November allowed for us to get a little settled. Thanksgiving and Daniel’s 10th Harry Potter themed birthday were the biggest parts of the month. 

And now it is December! We’ve yet to put up our Christmas decorations but it will happen. It’s only the 4th so we’ve got a little bit of time! We’re excited to be hosting my dad’s side of the family for Christmas at our new home this year, which is exactly one of the reasons we wanted to make the move. 

That’s that. Hopefully it won’t take me 6 months to post next. šŸ˜’

2 thoughts on “Hello There Ol’ Blog!

  1. Love the sunset picture at the new house! You’ll never get used to living in the country. The smells, sights, wildlife, it never gets old! We love it! Stealing the picture of Hazel with the crazy hair for my wall at home! :-D

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