Growing Up, The Wesley Version

Our middle child is growing up, as most kids tend to do. Of late, he done some new and awesome things that I figured needed to be recorded in digital form!

Wesley just finished his first ever organized sport participation. His first venture into basketball was a fun one for our family. Even though he never even attempted a single shot on goal, he showed a true knowledge grasp of the sport. After a game ended, he would provide commentary that was wise, especially considering this was his first year playing. “Momma, #7 was big, so everyone wanted to pass to him. I always knew he was going to get it, so that was how I stole the ball” or “If you ran fast past Greyson, you could get open and make a good pass” were the type of phrases common from him. He hustled big time, always fighting for the ball but never being mean. He never got comfortable shooting, which was disappointing, but as one of the youngest in the league and also one of the smallest, I could see his reservations. I’m looking forward to what my future baller might be able to accomplish.

 After nearly three full years, Wesley has graduated out of speech services. Thomas and I are very proud of him, for learning how to say words and sounds correctly was at times a big struggle for him. Being such a fantastic and far above grade level reader that sometimes dropped middle sounds or struggled with blends was very frustrating for him. After lots of practice and support, it has been determined by his pathologist that he is improved enough and self corrects enough to  end the extra help.

 Recently he’s shown some great focus and concentration in way of building with Keva blocks. Let me just say, these stress me out, and I lose patience quickly.  The boys, however, both have enjoyed building with them at the local children’s museum that their uncles got them a membership to for Christmas. With Wesley having a personality more like mine, I was impressed with his adeptness, and obviously he took some pride in himself as well.   On school picture day, the boy dressed himself with precision and care. He was most certainly one of the best dressed (read likely over-dressed) kiddo in his 1st grade class.   For Valentine’s Day, he crafted his own box for the classroom party, all based off his ideas. Those people on the box are his “puppets” that he creates regularly. He is the founder of an unofficial school “puppet club” where they fold, design, and theoretically sell their puppets. Sometimes the purchase price is a pencil, even though the hope is for a nickel. He’s got classmates working for him and his big buddy Ganies to assemble a great stockpile of puppets for all of mankind, apparently.

The army of clone trooper puppets crafted by the puppet club in the matter of a few days. Send all your nickels now!

 The amount of love and concern Wesley has for his little sister is quite incredible. As he grows older, you can tell he feels a sense of responsibility to her. He wants to make her laugh when she is sad, help her learn how to do tasks, even ones that are above her capabilities. He just adores her, and honestly the feeling is pretty mutual back at him (and Daniel too of course!)  So, there you go. A tiny update on the growing middle child. See, here’s proof they don’t always get forgotten 😝

One thought on “Growing Up, The Wesley Version

  1. this is awesome! what a great update for all of you to look back on someday. Summer – you are doing it right!

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