A Few Blog Posts Behind

  So this is my face when I think about how far behind my blog life is. I last posted in October, but yet I was behind well before then. In fact, I know for sure I haven’t talked about Wesley’s 6th birthday, complete with a rockin’ Mario theme, and that event was in June people. JUNE! 
I know a failure to update a blog isn’t a true failure in the grand scheme of things, but it’s sorta my collection of life. A digital and publicly viewable scrapbook of images and words, if you will.  I’m proving this “third child doesn’t get a filled baby book” theory. I probably take more pictures of Hazel than I ever did with the boys at this age, thanks to the acquirement of a smart phone and handy built in camera, which I didn’t have when they were little. She doesn’t have any cute saying written down though, and few of my digital timeline of memories have made it here, unfortunately. 

It’s not for lack of desire or content. It’s just for lack of time or for time focused towards this. (I most recently binged “Making A Murderer” like so many other Americans, so I can’t in clear conscience say I don’t have time!). 

So, while I sit in the room with a hesitant to sleep almost 2 year old, I thought I would not let another day escape me here on the ole blog. Have no fear: We’re all alive, and we are all mostly well (I say mostly, cause I’m still waiting to be 100% from my recent knee surgery ~apx 6 weeks ago to reconstruct my torn ACL). 

Here’s to a new year, complete with more blog updates perhaps? I’m not making any promises, but it sure does sound like a good plan! 

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