Cast Off!

After a month of healing, Wesley got his cast off this morning! To say he was excited is an understatement. In fact, Daniel came downstairs last night after bed time and told Thomas, “Wesley can’t sleep; he is too excited about tomorrow!”
FullSizeRenderAfter some sound counsel to “count Pokemon” in order to fall asleep, we all woke up bright and early this morning and headed to the hospital for the appointment.

We ate breakfast in the cafeteria, and I, for better or for worse, told the kids “Pick whatever you want to eat” and gave them no restrictions. This is not something I do, like ever. So, a package of smores Pop Tarts, a cup of Lucky Charms, and container of chocolate milk later, the boys had chosen their breakfast. Oh my…..

Being the kind hearted boy that he is, Wesley, with the help of Daniel, made some Easter eggs filled with candy for the hospital workers. He gave out several as a way of saying thanks. He is a child with gifts as a love language, so giving some out made perfect sense.

The pin removal was swift, thankfully. They brought in an iPad for him to play with, and while in distraction mode, they tugged with their sterile pliers and pulled  out the three inch piece of metal. Wesley didn’t cry a bit, although he did turn a bit red faced and scrunched up his body in resistance. It was quite gross to see it. We didn’t take a picture, so you will have to take our word for it. I wish I had though, cause Wesley didn’t really look, and now he is curious about it. There was quite a bit of blood, so he is suppose to keep the white bandage on for 12 or so hours and not get it wet for 24 hours. The hole in his arm which previously housed the pin will scab over and heal soon.

Right after the appointment was finished, I was scheduling the month out visit while Thomas walked out with Wesley. Suddenly Wesley started to run in order to catch up to me. At this, Thomas said, “Wesley, let’s just be careful when running, okay?” Wesley then replied, “Okay, I will run like a pregnant girl then” I am not sure if that was the excitement of the cast/pin removal or the breakfast sugar talking, but regardless he was a hoot all morning long.

For now, he is free to do most anything he feels comfortable doing. Orders do exist for him to not jump on a trampoline, climb the rock wall at school, or do any monkey bars. He also needs to complete a few exercises each day to regain function. In one month, we go back for a final follow-up to see if he has regained full mobility. If he clears that, we are done for good!

(Take special note of the shark tooth necklace. He and Daniel each got one as their souvenirs while on our trip to see my friend Jennifer at the beach over Spring Break. They have become outfit essentials in the days since. LOL)


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