Hazel’s First Party

Well, before the month is out, I need to be sure to post about Hazel’s first birthday party! We had scheduled her party for her actual birthday month, which is February, but some less than stellar weather made us delay it until March. Good thing she was turning one and had no clue and couldn’t get upset about it!

Being that I now have a GIRL, we went girly with the theme. Some clearance items at Target helped me officially decide, so cupcakes, pink, burlap, and lace were the go-to decorations, and most were handmade goodies by me, so don’t look overly close at these pictures. You will certainly see lots of flaws!



DSC_0073I took a plastic table cover and used it to decorate Hazel’s highchair, so she will be all pretty for her happy birthday song and smash cake.

DSC_0074Hazel was in joyful spirits for her day, thankfully. You just never know with kiddos what the mood might be like! I did, however, plan it to be right after her afternoon nap!

DSC_0079DSC_0085We opened gifts first.



Hazel stayed pretty confused most of the time. “Why are all these adults so happy? Why is everyone saying my name? Why am I being encouraged to rip this paper? Am I suppose to eat this?”


She did get pretty excited about her Daniel Tiger toy that Thomas and I got her, only after staring at it blankly for a bit first.

We moved on to eating and then pretty quickly to cake. I drug Hazel’s highchair into the middle of the floor so she could be front and center. With a small candle on her homemade yellow cake with chocolate icing, we began to sing to the sweet girl, which made her grin from ear to ear.

DSC_0110She was quite the proud little girl!

DSC_0111And then she got super intrigued by the glowing little light in front of her that was flickering and begging for her attention…..so she grabbed it.


And then she cried.


But I am not sure if the tears were from pain or from being scared, cause every family member present gasped when she did it. Regardless, the plan of action was comfort from momma.


I can’t believe I let my one year old grab fire. This is just another sign that Hazel is totally the third child! In our parenting defense, her brothers were all up in my personal space and hers, “helping” us with the moment, which was anything but help. I had stepped back to take a picture with my phone (my sis-in-law was taking with our real camera) and then suddenly she just moved and grabbed it. Ooops. Poor baby! All in all she was truly fine though, thankfully. IMG_4765

She did not, however, care too much about the cake, which was the same status for her one year photo shoot experience.

DSC_0123We even tried with a fork, but she was still underwhelmed. At one point, she even shuddered with disgust. I suppose that is a good thing to not like sugar!

We were so blessed that people took time out of their busy schedules to come celebrate our baby girl.




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