One Full Year

Right around noon today, our sweet Hazel will have officially been in our lives for one full year.

Today is truly something special.

full year hazel

Hazel, we are so glad God decided to let us have you, and that he saw fit to let us keep you, even when the odds said you shouldn’t have survived momma’s wreck. Even without that fact, you would be an amazing daughter, but there is truly something special about you, dear one. You are a fierce little girl that will overcome anything. Your laugh is infectious, and your curiosity is exhausting. We can’t believe how much you have grown and changed in one year’s time, from hair to bald to hair again, and everything growth change in between. You are the first child of ours to walk before her first birthday, even if still a bit shaky, and honestly that comes as no surprise. Likely you will always be a trailblazer. There is so much love for you little girl, from those near and those far, those present and those gone. Your story has only begun and it is already a lovely one. We can’t wait to see what the next chapters hold, but please go a little slower as you fill up the pages :)

hazel collage 1 hazel collage 2IMG_7478 IMG_7645 IMG_7668*Very pretty photo credits go to our two photographer friends from college, Simply M Photography and Alison Weakley Photography. 


6 thoughts on “One Full Year

  1. Happy Birthday, Hazel! I’m so glad I get to share February 19th with you. I can see in your eyes that you will be as much of a challenge to your parents as I’ve been to mine. 😉

    • It would have been sweet! But I am sure you are glad your precious one arrived without too much laboring. I am so happy for you all and can’t wait to read more details about her birth. :)

  2. Wow! I can’t believe how much she has changed and grown since I saw her in October! I love her eyes – that greenish brown color is really rare and special. I was just thinking about you guys today as I was pulling out some girl things to give to you. I knew her birthday was sometime around now but couldn’t remember exact date. Thanks for posting all the pics. Love em. Hope to see you soon before she changes more!

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