Halloween Dreams Do Come True

Our kids are slow to choose costumes for Halloween. They deliberate and choose, only to adapt and restart, ending ultimately in a new choice. It keep us from committing too soon to any one costume, thus missing consignment sale cheap costumes or the early pickings from the retail stores. Generally, we like to make their costumes, when possible, (or at least scrounge it together like last year) but let’s face it, it takes time to pull off the awesomeness, which is rare these days, especially now that our sweet Hayzee is army crawling as of last week.

This year, I wanted to avoid the last minute rush, so I sat the kids down last week and asked them to make a list of 4 costumes that they might like to be for Halloween. Their list contained the following: Ash Ketchum (Pokemon’s main character), Charizard (Charmander’s evolved version), Oschawott (a water Pokemon from the Unova region), or Yoda.

Yeah. That’s the list. I had to totally educate myself a bit more on Pokemon as I wrote down the names.

I wasn’t overly worried until I looked up those crazy Pokemons and realized how rare and complicated they are costume wise.

And although there might be costumes to buy on-line for a few of these, they were outrageously expensive. I don’t do expensive when it comes to this sort of thing. And if it were semi-affordable, read still too much for a kid’s costume, it wasn’t right, such as not being the evolved version. This is when I realized I was going to have to make them.

We settled on Ash and Charizard.

photo source: http://pokeballzkai.wikia.com/wiki/Ash_Ketchum
photo source: http://pokeballzkai.wikia.com/wiki/Ash_Ketchum
Photo source: http://bejitsu.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-Charizard-418487510
Photo source: http://bejitsu.deviantart.com/art/Pokemon-Charizard-418487510

Thursday last week I went to Goodwill. Although many find great deals at that store, the deals seem to allude me. I typically do much better off in regular retail stores. Goodwill just generally disappoints. This day, however, I found everything I needed. It was amazing. In the sheet section, I found the perfect colored sheet set for $2.99. I found a “close enough” blue bath towel for .99, green gloves for .99 and I also found a Pokemon sheet that I plan to use as the table cloth for Daniel’s birthday party for $1.99. Totally divine Goodwill day.

Although I have a sewing machine, the bobbin has been giving me issues. So, Sunday, I went up to a friend in church, and in a much too serious voice, I announced to her “Pam, I have a problem.” The look on her face was intense, so I had to back it down a notch. After settling the fact it wasn’t as big of a deal as the way I started the conversation, I asked her for help with my bobbin. She volunteered her help but also suggested that I borrow her mom’s machine. Sunday afternoon, our or way to the pumpkin patch, I picked up the goods.

Monday I set myself to work. I began using all the scraps from home, such as cardboard boxes, old hats, tape, and material surplus from other projects. I made a quick trip out of the house with Hazel to grab the Ash Ketchum hat for Daniel (the most expensive item, and it’s not even exact, just close enough once I put the felt emblem over it). Tuesday I continued work and brainstormed with my brother’s girlfriend about how to secure the wings of Charizard to Wesley. After basketball practice for Daniel last night, I took off with Hazel to the craft store while Thomas put the boys to bed.

A $4 bag of stuffing and a white sheet of felt later, I felt as if I had all the supplies I needed to finish.

Today, Wednesday, I worked to finish everything up, cause even though Halloween is Friday, church tonight has asked the kids to wear their costumes. Although my original idea of securing the wings was to use to spare cloth diaper elastic, I decided that wouldn’t be strong enough, so I cut up an old bra and made some adjustments to make it work. I thought I was done, but once Wesley got home, I realized the circumference of the bra was too small, so I had to add some length. Add some hot glue, lots of random stitching, and a bunch of giddiness from my boys, and I can happily say I am officially mom of the year!

I now present to you Ash Ketchem and his captured Pokemon Charizard.


I made their Halloween dreams come true……

If that even is such a thing….. :o) LOL