2nd Grade

I let you know about Wesley starting Kindergarten but I failed to mention my first born starting 2nd grade!

DSC_0066This year, we landed one of the very best teachers in his school. I knew her personally before she was our teacher, and all I had heard was fantastic things about her as a professional. When Daniel was in K, she was teaching that same grade level, and even though we did not have Ms. Smotherman, I was privileged to often see her in action at K events.

She writes kind words on his assignments and gives awesome stickers, she encourages him, and the first day of school, Daniel jumped off the bus and yelled, “Do you want the good news or the great news about my day first?!?!?” Her commitment to my son shows, and he is eager to learn from her. I can say something 15 times, but Ms. Smo can say it once, and suddenly it is law. Recognizing his strengths, she sends home book bags well above his grade level so he can be challenged in his reading. Acknowledging his weaknesses, she praises his handwriting when it is most legible. Her spelling games and math songs foster learning and excitement in Daniel. She gave extra love to him in the days surrounding mom’s passing, and when she first saw me after hearing the news, she came over to me, hugged me, and noted that she was praying for me.

Each year, Daniel excels and surprises me with his social strengths and learning capabilities. In these two senses, he got the best of mom and the best of Dad. He truly loves his classmates, and that is something I am happy to see. He cares for people I am not forcing him to care for due to my proximity to the moment or my linking of him into that person’s life. At his own decision, Daniel opted to not have anything peanut butter to eat for snack or lunch because one of his friends, Parker, is allergic. It’s not a school or classroom rule, but a personal one Daniel vowed to follow so he could sit next to his friend with no fear, in order to show he cares.

It’s hard to believe how quickly this sweet boy has grown, and I am amazed by him, as well as very proud!

Screen Shot 2014-08-01 at 7.46.22 AMAnd yes, he definitely wants to be a scientist, even if he couldn’t tell you a single thing that a scientist does, besides science.


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