Kindergarten Kiddo!

Well folks, I am incredibly behind on this post, but, believe it or not, our sweet Wesley is now a kindergartener! Boy did that happen fast!

DSC_0001He has looked forward to school for a very long time. He continually missed his Bubba when he would leave for a few hours to learn away from home, and every time we went to lunch with Daniel, Wesley was prepared to stay, should someone allow him to do so! For two years, Wesley eagerly awaited his turn.

DSC_0011With a summer birthday, Wesley would be a bit younger than his brother upon starting K. This made me cautious. However, Wesley attended speech for one hour, one day a week last school year, and his speech teacher assured me Wesley was more than ready. It was true, after all, cause the boy could already read, although he is not as swift as his brother to show you that fact. He knows all the little odds and ends that he needs to know, and his little heart was ready for the new world of friends that school has to offer.

When his Kindergarten teacher called me to inform me that she would be his teacher, I cried when I hung up the phone. Silly, but true. I cried because even on the 1st of August, I knew that we would have a difficult year ahead of us with mom’s illness, and knowing that Wesley was going to be in the hands of Mrs. McGregor, the same teacher that Daniel had for K, I knew my heart could take refuge in his atmosphere of a God fearing woman that would make the time to love on my child and help him grow in little boy wisdom as our partner in Wesley’s education. At the time, I did not at all image that mom would pass a mere 5 days into Wesley’s school year though. Amid all the sadness, what a blessing to know I could text his teacher and tell her the news and ask her to hug him a few extra times in the days to come. This same wonderful K teacher brought a yummy meal to the funeral home for my family as a sign of support. Already busy enough, she carved out moments and made extra effort to be even more amazing. DSC_0007

So far, Wesley is rocking this school thing! He has come home tired a few days, but we knew that might be the case. Wesley is a creature that truly needs his sleep, much like his momma, and even though he *always* gets up early on his own time, he often still takes a nap if I force him to be still long enough. When the first 4 days of his school year were crazy wild days with him heading off to other peoples homes so I could be with mom, me not even staying the night at the house since I was at hers, and him eating whatever it was other people chose to feed him, and then a whirlwind weekend of extended family and funeral services, it was truly great that he even managed to hold it all together! In true fashion though, the boy not only held it all together, but he managed to make friends and “be the best rhymer” in his entire class. Beyond just having friends, he somehow convinced a sweet boy in his class, Tucker, to buy him treats from the lunch line for about a week, even though Wesley had more than enough food in his packed lunch (Sorry Tucker’s mom! At least you are a kind neighbor who hasn’t sent us a bill yet!).


His grins that first day after his 3-5 minute bus ride home were amazing. He cherishes his brother and is super happy that they have an overlapping lunch time where they can see one another daily (and momma appreciates this fact too, cause eating lunch with them is super easy this way!). DSC_0019

Wesley, we have full confidence in you. We believe you are smart, and we know you are loving. Our hope is that you will shine in God’s light, wherever you are each day, listen to the knowledge put before you, and continue to share your smiles to all you encounter. What a brilliant and strong boy you are!



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