VBS : Summer Jam 2014

The second week in June our church had our annual Summer Jam event, otherwise known to most as Vacation Bible School.

Last year I was in my early stages of pregnancy and not sharing the news yet. I was the flag football leader and the weather was blazing hot every single day. This year, my baby was in my arms and 3 months old! The weather was much cooler and rained several days, and I worked with 2nd graders all week in order to have the ability to step away and nurse Hazel whenever she needed it.



I was a leader for the basketball group of 2nd grade boys (we had at most 61 kids, so we had to break them all up into small, manageable numbers, and their track time groups were the best choice). It was such a surprisingly good time being with them all week. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into what another year of life will bring my Daniel to developmentally and emotionally. By the end of the week, I had one with a full on crush for me, although he was under the impression I was 21. He obviously got quite a bit wrong in that area. We played quite a bit of basketball, and I can’t tell you how crazy odd it felt for me to be the tall one on the court :)


We all had a bit of a rough week too though, cause as I said several times that week: “ain’t no tired like VBS tired.” Anyone who has ever devoted time to the VBS cause will most certainly amen that statement. Tears were a little easier to come by for Wesley and Hazel took some long afternoon naps due to sleeping a little less in her nursery room with her lovely teachers.



Wesley actually had his birthday the week of Summer Jam and the preschool minister really made him special on the day, just like she did last year. They sang to him, which had a big impact of happiness and embarrassment.

Daniel, being school aged, got to choose an event to participate in for the week, and his event was archery again this year. At first there was a little glitch that had him in a different week event and he was a little heartbroken. Fortunately, it was made right and he got his choice of archery. He even hit the target about 5 times this year, which made him extremely proud.




It was very different committing the time to help while having an infant, but I am so happy to say Hazel was pleasant and happy each day. I was glued to my phone waiting for the “Hazel is ready to eat!!” Text that came right around it’s predicted time daily. Fortunately I was always able to get to her working just a few minutes while another adult stepped in briefly to my spot so I could nurse. (Side note: My shirt is intentionally inside out in this photo. It was inside out day, where we learned about being changed from the inside out due to a relationship with Christ, as noted in Romans 12)





All of the wonderful pictures were taken by my friends Kelley (pictured) and Michelle. They are both super fab photographers. All the normal looking pictures were taken by me :)














Happy Father’s Day Thomas!


With an unprecedented year of triumph & struggle, Thomas has proven himself an amazing dad. I couldn’t do life without him, & I will be extremely blessed if our children turn out half as wonderful as he is. Happy Father’s Day!


One child was not too keen on getting his picture taken with dad on Father’s Day. Any guesses as to which one it was? ;)

A #5 Stars Wars Party

Welsey requested a Star Wars party this year. The boys are pretty obsessed these days. All I hear is “That happened to Anakin with a scrape.” “Bobo Fett wasn’t afraid then” (yes, Bobo….they say it wrong). “Darth Vader has a red light saber” and just about anything and everything in between. They’ve helped to get their cousin, Cason, hooked on Star Wars, and his poor parents don’t know anything about it. We are contemplating arranging classes for Cason’s dad on Tuesdays and Thursdays so that he can learn some things form Thomas. Then, Cason won’t have to hear “You’ll have to ask Thomas, son. We just don’t know” anymore from his parents. Basically, it is serious stuff around the V Family home. Star Wars shall not be taken lightly. We’ve done our best to follow the important parenting obligations noted in this Star Wars PSA we discovered through my friend Jennifer. Take heed to that Jar-Jar portion though folks. We didn’t intervene with Wesley soon enough, I must admits. DSC_0013


Anyway, when Wesley finally decided on this theme, it wasn’t much of a surprise, since our house is full of paraphernalia, I knew decorating would be super easy.  Grab the Darth Vader costume from the dress up bin, snag the Star Wars banks, display some material, and decor is a perfect fit.







I did purchase the disposable table wear at Party City on half-off. I suppose some people think Star Wars isn’t cool and the products earned a discount? Maybe it’s because in the not too distant future the new movies will be out? Who knows, really. I am just pleased that the clearance worked in my favor.DSC_0005


After seeing some super neat looking cookies on Pinterest, I asked an old friend of mine to recreate them in a sugar cookie version. We settled on a price of “you make me some cookies, I’ll give you some of my Thirty-One items” and the result was in my favor, I do believe. Thank goodness for talented friends! Yes, my friend Liz really did make those. Yes, they look totally awesome. Yes, they tasted delicious. And if you don’t know what they represent, you have failed at life. Maybe you should attend the classes with Cason’s dad. DSC_0011



Along with the amazing cookies, I decided to add a cake. In my mind, after I baked it up, I was going to develop the Death Star. It was a grand and ambitious goal my friends. I made the yummy cream cheese icing and tinted it the right color. I geared up pipe lines onto the cake, in order to make it resemble the ship. Then, I realized that I am no cake decorator. I looked at it and decided just put the glass lid on the cake stand. I asked Thomas if it looked ridiculous due to the now somewhat disgusting looking color of the icing (which was never really a great match from the start, to be honest) and he said it was fine. The next morning, Welsey said, “I know what you did Momma. You made me the Death Star!” Turns out, I succeeded after all, even if I didn’t really do much.



I also blew up some balloons and strung them across our opening between the living room and kitchen areas. I printed out Storm Troopers and made the birthday banner that I had hoped for in my mind. It was super easy and looked pretty good too, if I may say so myself.



The cousins played light sabers outside, we sang happy birthday, Wesley opened his gifts, and we chowed down on some pizza too.




All in all, it was a fun little event for our birthday boy. I am amazed what this little guy can do—how he can switch from rough and tough to soft and sweet. He can read pretty well, but he will not really let you know it. He loves art and drawing, coloring each and every day, often multiple times a day. Don’t mess with his sister, or there will be a price to pay. For that matter, don’t mess with his momma either. He’s loyal to the end, once he decides you’re worth it. His heart is big, and he shares and does the right thing, even when you would least expect it. I can’t believe all that he has to offer the world, even at a young age. I’m proud of you, sweet Wesley……May the Force be with you.


star wars family


(and a secret picture I took, which blesses my heart—–daddy with son, working on the Lego box we got him)