2 months with Hazel




Our dear sweet Hazel is officially two months old. We went back to the pediatrician for the first time since right after he20140429-161040.jpgr birth and she weighed in a 10lbs 15.6oz. Thomas was like “Really? They couldn’t just say 11lbs?” :) That puts her in the 50th percentile for weight and her length placed her in the 80th percentile. All I know is that momma’s milk does a baby good! She’s happy and healthy! (the picture to the left is us at her official 2 month check-up)








On a whole, she is just a wonderful baby. Hazel sleeps well and has a mostly contented personality. She’s started smiling quite frequently, and I love how when she hears my voice her eyes light up and she starts scanning to room in the direction from which she hears me coming.




She doesn’t spend too much time in her crib, for at night she is either in her bassinet next to my side of the bed or she is in the bed with us, even though she is sleeping quite well at night. I just honestly don’t want to walk up the stairs to get to her in the middle of the night in case she actually does need me for nursing, so next to the bed she shall stay for now. Because of little crib time at night, I will often put her in her room while I hang up clothes, do a task, or play with the boys.







If I am out and about, Hazel totally rocks it in the sling. I even lead a meeting with my sweet girl tucked away. Every time I place her in it, I know it is only a matter of minutes before she dozes off to sleep!

The biggest negative in her life is when the paci falls out when she really wants it in. Rarely does the precious girl cry, but as you can see in this pic, when I pulled20140429-161230.jpg her paci out for a photo op, she let me have it. Totally not a fan! (although I think she might be upset about the size of that flower on her head! ha!) It is a little humorous when you see her flail her arms and make a little baby gasping sound when it falls out and she is anxious to have it back. Fortunately this isn’t a huge issue at night, and when she doesn’t want it, she’s calm and collected if it drops.





20140429-161436.jpgWe have adopted quite a few nicknames for her thus far. “Sis” and “Sister” are said quite a bit. “Hay-zee” has become a new one that I find myself uttering several times a day, but honestly I picked it up from Wesley. It must be the pet-name for his little sister, which he rightfully adores. A final one that I think often each day but rarely say aloud is “Four outfit Hazel” because she changes three times and I tend to have to change once, making a grand total of 4 outfit changes for one day with baby. She is quite the spitter-upper (take note of evidence to the left!).


Most folks tend to say she looks like Wesley more than Daniel. The main consensus is that she looks like her father more than her mother. As I say in return, “He sure can’t deny she is his!” :)