Texts from a Child

When exciting things happen during the day, we often “text daddy” to tell him or show him. It’s this stay at home momma’s way of including the man I love in some small way.

Apparently this happens all too much, and when we had a bit of a “dramatic” balloon incident while I was driving on Friday, Daniel quickly said “text daddy and tell him!” Since I was driving, I told Daniel it would have to wait until we got home. “I’ll do it for you!” Daniel suggested. I pondered for a moment and then at the next stop sign handed him my phone with Thomas at the ready for texting.


It took Daniel a whole 15 minutes, the rest of the drive home, to text that small portion he sent. :0)

So, when today’s event occurred, Daniel asked for the chance to share the news again. This time, Thomas was less taken back by the text and Daniel was more fortunate in his story telling. It made for a great exchange, and I love the compassionate and child level reply from Thomas


As odd as it sounds, I do see it as a good thing that Daniel is getting some texting exposure, cause let’s face it, this discourse isn’t disappearing anytime soon. Being able to send and receive texts is a form of literacy that today’s generations need to know, for better or for worse. At least we started with attempts at full sentences and complete words :)


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