Happy Birthday Thomas!


Today we celebrated Thomas!

The birthday boy had obligations in the morning, but we were able to meet up with him for a late (to us!) lunch. We met at his new favorite eating establishment, Martin’s BBQ, a local small chain that claims fresh and local ingredients, which contributes to some amazing food. Thomas and I shared a sampler platter and loved everything. This goodness made me joke that we should go on a “see if anything bad exists” quest, for everything we try from there is amazing.

The boys chose him gifts, a Lego Movie mini-figure from each. They lovingly offered to open it for him and to play with them while we waited for our food. :0)

I bought a very small cake at Kroger’s that yielded a small piece for all 4 big people in our family, and for a store bought cake, it was very good.

After, Thomas went to watch a movie he had been wanting to see and the kiddos and I went home for naps.

Happy birthday to the wonderful man that has made me a happy wife and a blessed mother! I pray we have many, many more celebrations of you to come!

Side note: It feels so good to be back driving again after 6 months to make simple celebrations like this possible! Thanks mom for letting us borrow your second car until we purchase our vehicle, hopefully very soon!


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