Wordless Wednesday: The Hazel Edition








Tales of a First Grader


For Valentine’s Day, I got the boys each a Star Wars journal from the Target dollar spot, along with markers and a bit over-sized Hersey kiss.

Daniel has taken to writing and drawing in his already. They have other books similar to these, but they mainly just draw and color. This particular journal, however, has several entries already from my 1st grader. There are two Lego Movie reviews inside, as well as a reflective autobiography of sorts.


For those with issues reading it, I will interpret:
“I have a secret room. I sleep in it at nap time and bed time. I eat at my secret room. I eat candy. I have a crush-oh wait I don’t know who my crush is yet. My favorite movie is the Lego movie. My favorite food is goulash. My favorite color is silver. My favorite book is Jack and Annie. I like to be a scientist.”

To clarify a few points:
1-The secret room is under his bed, but his headboard is a bookshelf too, which provides a space that he can sit under and essentially hide. I know about this “room” but Daddy is not allowed to know, although of course he does. Daniel, however, does not sleep in it. But I suppose saying you sleep in it sounds pretty cool.

2-The candy in said room are some Starbursts from Halloween. Yes, I wrote Halloween. I usually moderate candy and keep it hidden and divvy it out as I see fit, but the boys enjoyed counting the Starbursts and stacking them, playing “vitamin shoppe” with them, so I let them keep them. They’ve obviously learned moderation and savoring skills, hence some still being left.

3-The crush deal must be from it being Valentine’s Day when he wrote it. We don’t really use that term, but it is one heard seasonally, I suppose. Wesley does have a “girl friend” that he claims to like, named Autumn from our church, so Daniel keeps trying to think on who he might like, but never really seems to come up with a girl he likes enough to claim.

4-Goulash is nothing fancy. I know most families have their own version of what goulash is to them. I grew up eating goulash of the following type: macaroni noodles, ground beef, and ketchup; that’s it. Thomas joined the fam and it turns out to be one of his favorite as well. I don’t tend to make it, like ever. But Thomas finds it to be a staple go-to if he is ever on the hook for dinner. I make fun of him for this, cause it requires little effort and isn’t really healthy, although it is quite tasty. His preparation of  such a dinner is what yielded Daniel to say on Thomas’s Valentine card, “I love the foods you make.” Pretty sure momma wouldn’t get that credential, cause I don’t just do goulash and spaghetti.

5-Jack and Annie books are actually _The Magic Tree House_ series. We use to read them to him at night. Now, he just reads them all on his own. He is currently on #42, _A Good Night for Ghosts_.


6-Daniel claims science is his thing. I am glad for it! I just hope he never really wants me to help him too much, for beyond the fun, easily found on the Internet experiment ideas, I am not really good at science. That will be a “go ask your Daddy” type of thing, should he keep with it as his favorite.

As for the entry, I just love it all! After he wrote it, he stood before me and recited it like he was performing a play. He has great intonation and articulation when he reads aloud, and I honestly think it is quite impressive. I hear other kids his age read aloud and they are monotone or extremely focused on the words (which is completely appropriate!) but Daniel will give characters voices, fluctuate his tone, or pick up on punctuation cues and read accordingly. Hearing him so boldly tell me about himself was fun, and as a writing teacher, I love his freeness in writing, even if so many words are spelled wrong, cause for such a long time my little perfectionist was worried to write without being correct, always asking me how to spell words. I would respond “just do the best you can son” and he would try but ask again a time or two. He’s obviously moved past that phase!

The Lego Movie

The day in February which my boys had so eagerly anticipated finally came, and it wasn’t the birth of their sister, it was the release of The Lego Movie!

For months we’ve been waiting. Everyone in our family is a Lego fan, big and small. Thomas has collected all his life. I remember our first Christmas together he got a small set in his stocking from his mother. The tradition continues, year after year. Now, our boys have inherited their dad’s 25 years of collecting, sans a few sets that Thomas keeps at his office. You know, the ones he calls “business expenses” and justifies buying for his child clients to play with during therapy (ha! Good one Thomas. Totally believable).

For Christmas, our family was given gift cards for the movie theater. We saved them up and spent them on the 3D showing of the movie on opening night. Thomas’s sister and family joined us in the fun, and it ended up being a memorable night for all.


The movie was great! I truly recommend it for the Lego lover in your life, whether that be yourself or your kiddos. 3D is honestly not something to spend your money–or gift cards–on, so I suggest skipping that added expense. Although many funny moments have been shared in previews for the movie, many more exist, and all the humor is safe humor for the whole family. There are several “what the heck!” and “dang it!” statements but nothing too worrisome. An unexpected lesson is taught within the movie, and it is a good one. I might have teared up at one particular moment, right after laughing hysterically at how well some of the moments correlated with my sweet boys, big and small. I thought the almost tears were just me, but it impacted others I have talked to as well.

Our kiddos were giddy as we left and they also were given an exclusive mini-figure of Emmet, the main character, as part of the movie experience. The next day, they sang songs from the movie all day long, and today Daniel began what he considers a grand project in which he will create a Lego box based off the movie. The first steps are drawing the image for the box cover and asking me for 6 ziplock bags for each step of the building process.


Now that the Lego movie has occurred this baby is welcome to come. Let’s see how well she listens or how long she keeps making us wait :)