Baby #3: Almost There!

Well, we are almost there for baby #3’s arrival, sitting at about 3 weeks left, which is hard to believe! So many people have said “It doesn’t seem like it has been that long!” and even as the one that is pregnant, I have to agree. The reason behind this I think is that the first trimester it was a special secret that we kept. The second trimester, we finally shared, and then about 2 weeks later I had my wreck, so there was a hospital stay, two months of a wired jaw, and two surgeries that filled that time. The third trimester came and life was quickly greeted with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years, and now, just a bit is left, and since we really like for baby to pick her own birthday, we know that 3 weeks until due date could mean she comes tomorrow or in 4 weeks. We’ll know soon enough!

So, with this being the neglected pregnancy as far as documentation, I thought I might take a quick moment to finally make another blog post and to share some baby bump pics, some “preggo selfies” which are extremely hard to take as far as fitting in face and belly, yet infinitely easier than trying to get a kid to take a belly pic or to manage to keep myself looking cute until Thomas comes home. I will also give ya a few thoughts on this pregnancy, which are based off some questions a college friend posted on her blog. All the pregnant pictures feel a bit narcissistic but I really do want to document her growth in me and not let her be that poor neglected third child!


22 Weeks Pregnant!

How far along? 36 1/2 to an official 37 weeks…..keeping track has gotten hard honestly!

Total weight gain? 18 pounds. Don’t think I’m a saint in this aspect. This is just the culmination of a nauseous first trimester with no weight gain and a wired jaw second trimester that resulted in weight loss at the start.

Maternity clothes? Um, yeah, totally. At this point,  it had become more about “what still actually fits?” and also we’ve had some really cold weather, which wasn’t a battle with my pregnancies with the boys, so I am trying to layer the more summerish wardrobe to make it work.

Sleep? Up until last night, I would say things have been great. I flip flop sides a bunch, but mostly I sleep nicely. Last night, however, I ended up with some awfully annoying lower back pain and I jabbed the hubby quite a bit of snoring, which ended up just making me mad.

Best moment this week? All the moments when the boys just come up and put their hands on my belly, hug the bump, or kiss Hazel in the womb. They will just do this frequently throughout the day, with such love and gentleness, and that is pretty special. I also enjoy all the times when Thomas will lean over at night and talk to her, telling her that he loves her.


25 Weeks Pregnant!

Miss anything? I miss working out and running. I feel soooo out of shape. First, I took a fitness sabbatical for a few weeks after my wreck. When I picked things back up about 5 weeks later, my body had changed so much with baby that it was already harder to do many simple tasks. Then, the holidays and now the extreme cold, coupled with the bigness of belly, I feel very restricted in what I can and should do at this point. I am eager to get back at running, mainly cause it is a major stress relief and spiritual prayer time.

Movement? Hazel is totally a mover! Right now, things are at the alien stage, where it looks like a crazy thing is trying to escape, which is humorous, beautiful, and creepy all at once.


31 Weeks Pregnant!

Cravings? At the very start, it was tacos. That was all I wanted to eat. That has basically gone by the wayside and now the new craving is water.  I mean this for real. I drink an unbelievable amount of water lately. I honestly wonder how my body can hold that much. Thomas says the fact it is so cold allows me to drink more, cause my skin is soaking up so much due to the dry and cold air. I am obviously gearing up for delivery, cause I just want water and more water. Thomas and I even took what we viewed as “last date before baby” on Sunday and I had three, yes three, glasses of water just for me, which the waiter had to fill back up for me. That means I drank 6 glasses of water, just as dinner.

Have you started to show yet? Yeah. I totally can’t comprehend those “I didn’t know I was pregnant” people. It is completely apparent. I am obviously showing enough to get the  “Any day now, right?” and “You look like you are going to pop” comments, which make me want to punch the speaker in her face. Not joke. I just grin and smile but really want to reply, “It is whenever baby decides!” and “What are you? My 4 and 7 year old? Cause they think that the baby is just going to pop out of my belly. Babies come through vaginas. You should know that.You have had 3 of them yourself.  Oh—-and at least I have a reason for my belly. Can you tell me what yours is?” If it were just said once,”You are about to pop!,” it wouldn’t be a big deal, but people say it a lot, like they are being original or something. There are truly only two things you should say to a pregnant woman: 1: You look great! or 2. Nothing. That’s it.


33 Weeks Pregnant

Labor signs? Yeah, lots of practice contractions have been happening, but nothing painful or regular. She’s doing the right thing though, so that is good.

Wedding ring on or off? Just this past week, the wedding rings have felt a little tight, but with all the cold weather, they get loose occasionally too. I sometimes wear a ring that belonged to my grandmother, coupled with my True Love Waits wedding band,  to make a nice “fat fingers” set.

Name possibilities? Hazel Karen! We’re very pleased with this choice. We have great stories on why we chose each name, which I will share at some point :)

Looking forward to? When she will get here! I can’t wait to see when her birthday will be! (and birth time—both boys greeted us in the early morning hours)


36 Weeks Pregnant!

And so, we’re almost ready for her to greet us. We have a few more things to finish up in her room, a bit more organizing and washing of clothes to do, but mainly we are set. The boys think they are ready (they thing she is going to come out ready to play with them–ha!). Thomas already knows she will have him wrapped around her finger, and I am ready for precious cuddles and nursing, not so much the sleepless nights though.


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