Lost Tooth!

20140114-134023.jpgDaniel lost a tooth!

He pulled it himself the other night, and I was extremely proud of him for being so brave. This is the 5th missing tooth for him, but only the second to fall out naturally, and only the first one to be taken out intentionally. The first 3 are his top front teeth, and they were knocked out in an accident when he was 2 1/2. He has been without them much, much longer than he has had them. When those 3 teeth finally decide to come in, I am not sure if I will recognize him! The first one on the bottom to come out (which now has a tiny white speck poking its way through) was a little loose but ended up falling out one day when Daniel and a classmate were playing at school. Daniel had his lunchbox handles in his mouth, perhaps being a puppy, and the classmate pulled on it and the tooth came out, fell in the white tiled hallway, bounced around a bit, never to be found. This one we knew was a bit loose, and before bed, he came to me and showed me how loose it had gotten. I told him it was extremely loose and we needed to get it out rather than wait. He was very nervous, but with a few attempts and some ego boosting, not to mention fear of me doing it instead, he pulled it right out! I caught the event on video, and we shared it with grandparents. When it was all over, Daniel said “I had been pulling up but that wasn’t working, so I decided to pull it forward and it came right out!” Ummm  yeah, pull it forward. I never told him that though, so how was he to know? Oooops! Sorry buddy, momma could have prevented you from several failed attempts had I explained it to you. :0)

And, if him try to bite into things hasn’t been a bit humorous all along with missing teeth, he is quite a mess now, having 3 missing top center and two missing bottom center. He and I both have a bit of some bite issues these days, so watching us eat some spaghetti the other night was completely laughable.

He got $1.75 for his tooth.

If you watch the video, be warned of my loud and proud momma cheer at the end!


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