Breakfast with Santa


This morning when Thomas was on his way to a day of work at his practice, we had him drop us off a the local Methodist church to participate in “Breakfast with Santa.” At point of drop-off, we didn’t have a ride home, but we live in a small community where we have some deep roots, so I told him “don’t worry about us; we’ll find a way home.” (ahhhh, the life of a woman with no car that still is on a driving restriction due to her black out, wreck, surgery, wired jaw, etc…..)

We were the first ones there that weren’t helping cook the food, but some friends of ours had their kiddos already there playing, so my boys joined in on the fun.

The food was yummy, and between the three of us, we managed to have a taste of everything offered. Seeing people from the community that I know but don’t attend church with or see regularly was nice.

For a little craft, they had a set-up for making reindeer food (oats, sugar, and glitter). The food is suppose to be sprinkled on the front lawn on Christmas Eve. The boys also were able to bring home some goodies, such as bookmarks, a small nativity scene, a baby Jesus in swaddling clothes, ornaments, and candy canes.

Thomas and I have struggled with how to implement the concept of Santa Claus, Jolly ol’ St. Nick, or whatever you like to call him, since we had children. Thomas was devastated at the knowledge of his parents being the gift-givers when he discovered a price tag on a gift and his whole holiday world crumbled. I didn’t really get phased by the knowledge but really wanted to respect Thomas’s memory and emotions from his experience, so I was okay with whichever path we chose. Even though we don’t traditionally celebrate Santa as many families do, we don’t ignore him and his splendor and goodness in the historical sense. Recently I read this short and to the point article that I think establishes how we like to incorporate the big man in the red suit into our holiday season and family journey. We also have an Elf on the Shelf, which the kids know is a “game mommy and daddy play” in order to help us all have fun this holiday.

So, based off that premise of Santa, we had a fun Saturday outing, when we would normally be car-less and stuck at home all day while the hubby worked. We easily found a ride home, and I was pleased with the day, along with the boys.

And, as far as non-mall, doing this for free Santas go, I think the Methodist church pulled off one of the best I have ever seen, not to mention a great Mrs. Claus. They obviously were blessed with a well-suited members of their congregation this holiday season! :O)



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