Race Day/Turkey Day

This year, like our first attempt last year, we attempted a Turkey Trot fun run on Thanksgiving morning. This time we felt Wesley was old enough to join in on the event. Unlike last year, this year was really cold. Like in the teens. For real.


daniel racewesley race


We bundled up and tried to make the best of it.

race familyWe were managing well, and it was time to line up and start. About 10 yards into the race, Wesley cuts in front of Daniel and trips him. Daniel falls. Tears ensue. And honestly Thomas and I both resigned ourselves to the whole thing officially becoming a complete disaster. He stayed with Daniel and helped him while I went after Wesley, who was still running. Eventually, Daniel recovered and we all met back up within the race and all finished well, despite the terrible start.

DSC_0002After running, we went home to get ready for lunch with my extended family. Traditionally we spend Thanksgiving Day with Thomas’s family, yet, this year, there were some schedule conflicts with other family DSC_0010members, so we moved that celebration to Saturday. My brother was in town, so it was nice to be with him, and the boys really loved playing with all the other kiddos/cousins (just check out that kid table to the right!)


When we made it a few days later to the next celebration, the weather was much nicer, mild and sunny. The kids played outside most all the day and my boys got covered in rocks by their cousins while a bunch of adults just stood around and watched. :)DSC_0017

All in all I was glad to get the opportunity to get out of the house and be active, not to mention see some family that I have not seen in awhile.

Hope you and yours had a Happy Thanksgiving too!


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