We had our first snow today, in November, so it was “Snovember”!

It is quite a bit early for some snow in our state, and likely we will have a bit of shorts weather in December, but for today, it was snow!

Since it was falling in big fluffy flakes, we had to go outside and try to eat it.

DSC_0034We didn’t stay out too long but we enjoyed our brief snow play, part of which included scraping the snow off the mailbox and throwing it at Daddy :o)



Daniel’s #7 Lego Birthday Party

Each boy talks about and plans his birthday throughout the year. We aren’t really ones to buy our kids toys other than birthdays and Christmas, so the “I would like that for my birthday” goes on all year long. They also contemplate what kind of birthday theme they will have when their big day comes. Much like their Halloween costumes, they seem to change their minds and adjust the plan a million times. Eventually, I have to make them decide, and often I will coax them towards a theme that I know I can pull off or find items for easily. Eventually, for his 7th birthday, Daniel decided on Legos. Once it was finally a go, I got to planning, and being that my ability to go and get what I needed for the celebration was drastically different than years past (thank you car wreck, no car, and 6 month driving restriction!), most things had to be even more easily accessible than in the past. Thankfully we have more than enough Legos on hand.

I found via the web some great ideas and put Thomas to work constructing with the kiddos those items. In prime Lego nerd form, Thomas replied to most images I showed him with “Yeah, we can do that……but better.” It is with that mindset that the castle cupcake holder was fashioned:



Those awesome looking Lego men are edible! Thanks to a Lego man mold purchased a few years back when Thomas and I visited NYC’s Lego store, yummy white chocolate dyed yellow pieces were born.

Decorating was pretty easy, and thanks to two more homemade Lego designs by my boys, we had a #7 sign and a silverware/napkin holder.

DSC_0010DSC_0008I took square yellow plates and drew faces on them to replicate the Lego man. All the faces were different, and it was really cute to me (although not sanitary) when Wesley shuffled through every single one to find the exact plate that he wanted. The orange Lego brick was a bit more of a challenge to make than I had anticipated. I blame this on my lack of patience and geometry. Regardless, when finished, it looked pretty decent, so I was okay with it.

Daniel was in charge of making the Lego faces for his banner in the living room. He did a great job and was very creative with the faces he crafted.

DSC_0013When the guests first arrived, we played a game of Lego bingo to pass the time while the meatballs I had made finished in the oven. I found the Bingo sheets here from some mom that did a much better job than I could have done creating one. The concept was good, but being that we don’t have a color printer, it was a tad harder for the kids to get a good visual of each character, so there was a bit more hunting for the figure than I had expected, thus a little parental assistance was needed.

DSC_0019DSC_0020I had intended to buy one Lego mini-figure to have a prize, but I was never able to get around to it. It worked out for the best, being that the birthday boy won.

After Bingo, we moved on to the food! I had meatball subs for Daniel, cause it happens to be one of his favorites. I had not used the specific meatball/sauce recipe that I decided upon for the party before, but I am pleased to say everyone seemed to enjoy them, especially Daniel, and he was who I was out to please.

DSC_0023There was also sandwich meat and PBJ ingredients for those not big on meatballs. Fruit, veggies, chips, and cupcakes/cake rounded out the goodies for event. Being that we had a party during prime eating time so Thomas could get in a full Saturday of work, I wanted to make sure everyone was well fed. Mission accomplished, I do believe.

DSC_0021After everyone was done eating, we moved straight into singing Happy Birthday to the Birthday Boy and then immediately into gifts. The cupcakes were ready for all right at the start, but the Lego cake was cut and served to those that wanted it while the kids huddled together and ooohed and ahhhed over presents.

DSC_0026DSC_0036DSC_0028Daniel received some very thoughtful gifts, such as a Bible, Legos, art supplies, and a new wii game. He also received some money from my brother Damien that was creatively delivered in different increments and in various envelopes/cards.¬† It was funny to see Daniel’s brain try and keep up with the amount (he’s still in a stage where paper money is all the same, whether it be a $1 or a $20, so his cousin, that is 2 years older, was a bit more excited about it all, for understood the amounts better!).

Each kiddo, before leaving, was given a small goodie bag containing candy, a bouncy ball, slime, and for my niece Jenna only, since she was the only little girl, a beaded necklace.



He truly seemed to have a good birthday, and I hope he enjoyed all the small details that I tried to give him in order to make it memorable. Sometimes, I am very full aware that the birthday details are all about me as mom. Those details, however, are important to me, being that it is a way I can show my extra care and love for him. I made him the Lego man shirt and was glad when he was excited about it and wanted to wear it.

I enjoyed throwing random Legos into a glass container I had while also strategically placing some in certain places/spaces for fun.


I simply loved seeing Daniel happy and having so many family members and dear friends in one spot, all in celebration of the birth of my first born.

7th bday familyHappy 7th Birthday, Daniel. May you be blessed with many, many, many more days of celebration to come.