Happy Halloween 2013

A bit formidable weather was forecast for Halloween evening, so Halloween was changed.

Yeah, that is a bit weird to just change Halloween, but alas that is what our city did. They moved it from Thursday to Friday. We decided to be hardcore and keep with Halloween on Halloween.

This year, my kiddos prolonged and delayed costume choosing. For weeks they change their minds 100 times. Finally, I began to get the same answer from Daniel, but it was something that just made no sense costume wise: “Spooky Man” or “Cooky Man,” I can’t really recall. I just knew I had no clue what that looked like. Finally, the day of Halloween, costumes were chosen and arranged very last minute. We ended up with a vampire and an old man. Both were extremely happy with their choice (initially old man had some dental issues, but those were quickly left behind at home).

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For a special dinner, we went to Outback because they were offering free kid meals. Before we arrived to eat, we managed to squeeze in our first trick-or-treating spot and picked up Grandma to go with us.

grandma w ghouls

While in the car, I snapped a few more good ones of the trick-or-treaters:

sad old manvampire grin

daddy halloween

My brother Damien, completely last minute,  joined us for dinner. He convinced me to order a filet cooked medium, since it would be the most chewable thing for me to consume, and I have to say it was beyond magnificent. Truly so very good!  So, in case you are wondering, my jaw can tolerate steak, should it happen to be a filet. I’ll just sing a little praise though that he paid for dinner, hence the official ordering of the filet (thanks bro!).

Outback had yummy food for all actually, and since the kiddos were free, they managed to convince us to allow them to have a “creepy crawler shake” which was a special just for Halloween. We, on a night created for consumption of sugar, made them share. They inhaled it and had no issues with eating the gummy worms off the top or with sucking it down within such close proximity of one another. It was actually incredibly cute to see them drink it up so swiftly, while in costumes.

shake boysWhen we got home, even though the weather was gusty with winds and eventually torrential rain and tornado warnings later at night, there was a period of decent calm, and we hit the streets for trick-or-treating, cause Halloween is Halloween and that day worked best for life and our kinda crazy schedules. We only hit about 8 houses, and each family was super excited to see us but also very surprised because we were the first ones all night. Some of our neighbors were even opening their bags of candy for the first time and gave us way more than they should have out of sheer pleasure of seeing their first trick-or-treater. Most even told us to come back tomorrow, for the new official night, but we’ve got more than our needed allotment of candy, so we’ll just stay in tomorrow and carve our pumpkin that we didn’t get to tonight.


I hope that you enjoyed your Halloween, should you have celebrated it hardcore on the true night like us. If you bumped it up or back, I still wish you the same :o)

(side note: Wesley looks like he has a tremendous amount more than Daniel, and actually he does have more. Daniel walked all of his Reese’s Peanut Butter cups over to his brother and said he didn’t want them or like them, while simultaneously dumping them into Wesley’s pile. I was astounded. I mean, if I am going to pick something out of those piles, I would choose just that. Who wants a stupid Starburst? Turns out that was the one candy both boys chose as their piece to eat tonight before taking showers/baths and heading to bed. Baby girl and I ate two small Reese’s, cause it just so happens those are pretty edible with a bit of lingering jaw issues :o)


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