Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

I was able to go on a field trip with Daniel’s class on Friday. Due to all the life circumstances, being as involved this year or visiting as much as I have wanted has just not been possible, so I was extremely grateful to manage chaperoning.

It was cold!  When I walked outside in the morning to meet my ride to the school, my rose bush greeted me looking like this:


(Side note: this picture reminds me of a song by Nichole Nordeman that we played at our wedding, Every  Season)


My camo crew!



I had sent Daniel to school in one coat, but managed to dig out his big winter coat before arriving for the field trip, and I am glad I did because it sure was frosty and chilly all day long. His camo coat happened to be a match with the kiddos from his class assigned to my group for the trip. They were so cute and it made it extremely convenient to keep an eye on my group the entire time of craziness and fun!Thankfully the only people at the pumpkin patch were with our school and visibility was good the entire time, but the camo sure did help!

We actually live *extremely* close to the pumpkin patch that we visited for the trip (just about 2 miles) and it is on the farm of a friend and former classmate of Daniel’s, so we have visited several times in the past and even once this year with our friend Kelley and her son Carver, a trip for which Wesley could attend too.  But it was nice just to be with my first born, sans his little brother, and see Daniel in his social element and spend more time with the little lives that are his friends and classmates.


Time with my boy!

We did a hay ride and a corn maze and the kiddos had tons of free play with the hay bales, ride toys, corn box and cow milking station. As I stood back with other parents and teachers, watching the kids play, we all were amazed at how they weren’t too cold, even though we were freezing. It was also quite nice to see their imaginations run wild while the boys played “zombie attack” in the hay maze while wallowing all over one another and the girls were swinging in the swings, clapping hands and singing rhymes while giggling their heads off. It makes me a little excited to get a taste of the girl world soon!


I love this picture! He’s just looking for all the sights on the hay ride and the sun is shining down so perfectly




Decisions, decisions……

Our classroom had two dad chaperones, which was nice. I love when Daddies get involved. It is just interesting, too, seeing how different Dad chaperones are over Mom chaperones. Here, Brody’s Dad offers all the kids a drink of water, by pouring it in their mouths like little birds. Ha!

Each kid was able to choose a pumpkin to take home. I really thought Daniel was *never* going to choose a pumpkin. I actually had to give him a count down, “You have until the count of 10 to choose your pumpkin.” It worked, and we brought home a pumpkin to add to the ones the kids painted last weekend.

All in all it was a great, even if cold, time together and with other first graders.

Hello First Graders!

Hello First Graders!


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