My sister-in-law made these for me. The kiddos have really enjoyed moving one over each day.

Today is my last full day with a wired jaw! I am so glad it has finally come. When week one was finished, week 7 seemed so far away (actually at the time of writing that, I thought it was only going to be 6 weeks!). The day I came home and had to move pebbles out of the “Almost There” container and back into the “Days Till Mommy Can Talk To Us Again” container was hard, but now, THERE IS JUST ONE LEFT!



Tomorrow, all too dark and early, we will head to the hospital for my removal surgery. Unfortunately, removal of the arch bars (the part that looks similar to braces high up near my guns) have to be surgically removed. I could technically cut the wires right now with my wire cutters, and have access to my own tongue for the first time in 7 weeks,  but even if I did, the arch bars would still be there.


This is/was a typical breakfast. I was told not to take my vitamins today, and I have to go on an empty stomach tomorrow, so unless I just decide to finish them off for the sake of not being wasteful, I’ve had my last dose of liquid vitamins.

From what we are told, it is a fast procedure, but still, it is a surgery, and I am pregnant, so I appreciate all thoughts and prayers. The alternatives to avoiding complete sedation are not much better for me/baby or simply not viable (such as leaving them in until after delivery—ummm hello serious gum infections!). The process is set to begin at 8AM but they want me there the standard 2 hours early, and we have around a 40 minute drive, so we need to leave the house by around 5 AM to also account to parking and walking to the correct hospital location. Yes, it is early, but this is good for several reasons: 1- I go less time on Wednesday wired 2-I go less time on Wednesday without food 3-I get to “sleep” anyway when I get there during the surgery 4-I get plenty of time to wake up and get ready for my pancakes from Cracker Barrel that I plan to eat for lunch.

I am keeping my eating expectations low. Side note: my brother-in-law and I are looking to get that on a t-shirt: “Low Expectations are Key to Life.” Let me know if you want to add a shirt to the order :0).

I think in this situation, low expectations are key, cause I certainly don’t want to be the crazy  customer sitting at the dining table crying because 1-I can’t open my mouth 2-It hurts to eat 3-Who knows why, just felt like a good cry. If I only expect a a bite or two at start, when I eat 5 bites, I will feel accomplished. Plus, having a gift card will help me feel slightly less wasteful if I can’t manage much.

I keep trying to think of the feelings I felt when I had my full leg cast removed in college. I was unable to bend my leg for a full 6 weeks, and when the time finally came to saw that bright orange cast off my left leg, I remember looking at it, hairy from not shaving it and atrophied from lack of muscle use. When I first bent it, it was so surreal and very stiff. Weeks later, years later, I ran races, marathons, began Crossfitting, hiked mountains, and basically just walked on it day to day with no issue. The muscles on that leg always looked a bit different, although you couldn’t see it unless I pointed it out. Sometimes, when the weather fronts change, I can feel pressure on the break points that can sometimes be a little painful and annoying. I’ve always heard though that a broken bone grows back stronger in the spot of the break, due to the build up of excess calcium and such to repair the break. It’s not invincible by any means, but it is just less likely to ever break there again, due to the extra thickness from repair (and I’ve got 4 spots on that left leg of mine! One from when I was 3, that didn’t break again upon the second injury, and 3 from the injury sustained from my friend Eric). I think this theory kept my leg from breaking in the wreck, cause that left leg of mine was the most stuck and had a large size bump/bruise right at the spot of my previous breaks. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” so stronger it was, thus giving me one less intense injury. I’m trying to take some of those ideas and apply them to my jaw/teeth/gums. Slow and easy at the start, acceptance of having to do things a little differently for a bit, perhaps some location pain during certain temps or times, possibility of things looking/being a bit different forever, and a time consuming building back of muscles and strength. I also have a little plate of metal to go with this accident, which will stay, so that will make for fun stories at the dentist!

The boys are very excited for me. I am excited for me. Thomas is excited for me. Baby GIRL is excited for US (she gets some benefit in all this too you know!), and I know you are excited for me. 

Look for perhaps a “Wordless Wednesday” post tomorrow that shows me with my mouth open :o)


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