Baby News: We’re having a baby……

Well, there are only two ways in which this one could go. We’re having a GIRL!

Sharing the news to those we love was so fun. Everyone is excited. We are happy to also say that the baby seemed to show signs of good health. After the wreck and the surgery (and soon to be another) I can’t even begin to say how great this news is. Also, despite the fact I am not even back up to my pre-pregnancy weight at 21 weeks pregnant, baby V #3 is measuring 20-21 weeks in size. Somehow she is growing as she should, praise God!

My dear friend Dawn and her family kept the boys happy while Thomas and I went to the ultrasound appointment and a pre-op appointment for my jaw. We had to be in the big city so early in the morning that they kiddos actually stayed the night.
She is also a pretty fabulous cake maker so after the stubborn little one showed us her gender for a fleeting moment (the ultrasound tech actually had to rewind the footage and pause it to snag the split second where she gave us a peek) Dawn quickly threw together some pink cupcakes with white icing and pink/blue swirls for us to use to help share gender with the boys.

We took the cupcakes over to my mom’s house. She is still feeling weak from her first chemo treatment but we wanted to let her be surprised right along side the boys.

Turns out, pink cupcakes connecting to a baby sister on the way was exactly what both brothers wanted, and their little faces prove it (I also love that Wesley’s hand is a little fuzzy because he was wiggling it back and forth with excitement!)

We also called some family members, texted some close friends (this wired jaw gal still isn’t one to want to chat on the phone yet), and then we posted our exciting news to social media before the night was over. Seeing all the mutual celebration in the virtual world is quite fun!

Here’s to a few more months of gestating baby girl—-and to deciding upon a name!


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