Customer Service

Thomas and I were blessed with a kid free night thanks to grandma wanting some time with her grandsons. I had been feeling pretty down and defeated the whole day, so I was excited to do anything, especially if it was out of the house.

Together Thomas and I ran a few errands. Then, we opted to eat out, which can obviously be quite the challenge with a wired jaw. After considering gift card options, we decided upon Cheddars, and as Thomas placed my order for potato soup, which he requested to have no potato chunks it it, After my sweet husband finished explaining my situation to the young waiter, I flashed a metal smile in the waiter’s direction.

At first the young man seemed to feel a little awkward, but then he settled a bit and told me he could do his best to not get chunks of potato but that it might be hard. We just encouraged him to try and that I would be grateful for the attempt.

A few minutes later the manager comes to our table. He expresses a bit of sympathy for the challenge of eating out with a wired jaw and then extends an offer to personally take the soup to the bar and have it blended for me. We loved the idea and thanked him so much.

Turns out, his plan was perfect and the soup was fantastic. It culminated in being one of my best wired jaw meals, especially considering it happened out and about at a regular restaurant, like a normal person.

Thomas tipped the waiter well for his
effort in making it a great night, and I have given the manager the promised FB and virtual shout out.

Cheddars and their awesome customer service for the win!



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