One Week Wired

For those of you that don’t know, I was in a pretty bad car wreck just over a week ago. I blacked out while driving and found my way to some trees. In the process, I got some bumps and bruises and shards of glass here and there, all basically minor. I also managed to break my jaw in two places, which is pretty major, and therefore I now have I wired jaw for the next 6-8 weeks, yielding an all liquid diet and constantly clenched teeth. I will definitely blog about what I can remember from my accident (I was in and out for most all of the evacuation and transport) but I thought for now I would share lessons from one week being wired shut.

(cue fancy intro music now….)

1. Just the thought of biting into a juicy hamburger will scare you. Later, after about my 300th serving of soup, I am sure the hamburger will be my heart’s desire, but for now, the idea of extending my mandible and chomping down on something like that gets me fearful.

2. Yawning is every bit as terrifying as you might imagine it to be. A casual yawn turns into a 6 sec nightmare as the lower part of my jaw tries to naturally separate from the top, to which it is very securely wired. When this happens, I have found myself squeaking out some sort of unintelligible prayer and flapping my hands next to my face. Fortunately, it passes quickly, and at a yawn’s conclusion, I don’t know whether to cry tears of pain or of laughter.

3. Throwing up when the opening from your esophagus to the rest of the world is blocked by wired together teeth is extremely more terrifying than you might imagine it to be. This one doesn’t need to much explanation, and I doubt you really want details. Suffice it to say, I’ve done it twice and hope not to do it again in the remaining weeks.

4. Getting cold, resulting in chills, is highly inadvisable.  This happened one night in the hospital, and the uncontrollable chattering of a broken jaw that that is wired shut is excruciating. Then, the pain and fear from the cold chills resulted in nervous shakes throughout my body, unsteady hands, tears, and ultimately a dose of morphine in my IV. After my first shower when I got home, I felt myself getting cold and immediately cried. Fortunately, we were able to warm me up before I had to experience the chills again.

5. Amidst all the pain, there will be lots of unbelievable blessings. You will see an image of your car and know that only God could have spared you from what should have been death. The police officer that was the first responder will give your husband his personal cell so that he can receive a report on you. People 5 counties away will manage to get dinner on your front porch. The glasses that you lost in the wreck will be replaced for free from your optometrist friends. Your mailbox will be flooded with gift cards to places that serve smoothies. Friends will watch your kids and love them fully. Your mother-in-law, when told the strawberry Ensure that you had in the hospital wasn’t that bad, will clear out Wal-Mart of their supply. Your brother will take off work to be with you, hold your hand. When you cry, and you say that all this seems too hard, your mom will cusp your hand, look you in the eyes with her beautiful blue ones, and speak to you that she taught you to be a strong woman, just like her momma taught her to be, and you will know that she speaks the truth. Your brother-in-law will mow your yard. Your sister-in-law will come immediately to the hospital with dinner for your hungry husband. Every family member’s pastor, including all the ones from your church, will come, driving out of their way, to pray with and for you. From the west coast, your brother will send a funny card to make you smile, along with yummy smoothie recipes. People that are strangers to you but friends to those you love will bring creamy soups from Trader Joe’s. The best man from your wedding will show up unexpectedly and suddenly make you bawl like a baby. Your phone will consistently receive texts of scripture, requests to help, prayer, and support. Your children will bring you flowers, rub your hair, and smile uncertain smiles that are still filled with hope and love.

Your husband will utterly amaze you, pray over you, cry over you, hold you up, awake in the middle of the night, wait on you hand and foot, carry all the family’s burdens and not falter. He will help rub off the IV stickiness, he will scour at a nurse that does something wrong, he will send out Facebook updates to everyone letting them know your condition, he will truly and ultimately be your helpmate and love of your life, cause he will be the walking embodiment of proving the line he said 10 years ago of “for better or for worse.”

Close friends, distant friends, strangers, family and  people in-between will pray beautiful prayers, and you will feel them, covet them, echo them, and know that your God hears them. You will know God hears them because you are still alive, and even thought things are not perfect, you fully know that things could have been much, much worse, and you’ve been blessed to live another day, and so has your sweet unborn baby that you carry inside; and that is one miracle no one can deny.

14 thoughts on “One Week Wired

  1. Beautifully said my friend! Who knew you could be so eloquent without opening your mouth! :) Hope you are doing well — thinking of you and praying for your family daily. I’m not sure if you’ve heard — but we had “God Story” Sunday at our church this past weekend. Alison Nash stood and through uncharacteristic tears and a shaking body – shared YOUR God story with our congregation. You are a blessing to those you don’t even know! Love you!

  2. So glad that you weren’t hurt worse, but still so upset you were hurt at all. Prayers for quick healing, no future blackouts, and an otherwise healthy pregnancy so you can return to teaching! We miss you this semester.

  3. Summer I read this with tears streaming down my face. Through all of this you are truly seeing God’s blessing. I pray you continue to heal and feel God’s love surrounding you everyday.

  4. You made me cry – you’ve just shown us the incredible silver lining God lines the big challenges with! If you were close, I’d make you cupcakes or soup. When you come into town, I will send you some home. Just let me know:) I want to hug your mama – she is amazing, too!

  5. Can I just tell you how much I cannot wait to hug your neck (being mindful of that jaw of course!) this Sunday! I’m always excited to see you, but you know… it’s about time the Lord allowed me to pick you up the way you have both literally and figuratively picked me up over the last 7 years (can you believe that much time has passed since we first met?!). Continuing to pray daily… and you don’t even have to send me our “coded” text message! Much love to you!

  6. This made tears roll down my cheeks, made me smile, made me know that you are a strong little redhead and are filled with love from your family and vast numbers of friends.

  7. Ditto… to all above.. and this too: You are a special child, lady, mom and wife! And with the capacity to speak, you write more powerfully and beautifully than most people twice your young years. You are loved, prayed for and held up with concern and love… your friend, pastor bruce

  8. Speechless…Definitely going to share with my in-laws as they continue to recover from their wreck on Memorial Day weekend. Prayers and blessings from the Dukes in Alabama.

  9. I don’t get on FB much, but last week, I jumped on there to look at my daughter’s photos. Your post about the wreck was the first one I saw. While I am unhappy about your wreck, I am happy I saw your post and sent my share of prayers up! Bless your heart! Your post here is a beautiful, putting-into-words what must be difficult to put into words.
    Praying for a speedy recovery for you, my basement TTU friend and colleague!

  10. Sooooo incredibly in awe of what God has done for you. And, so grateful for your thankful spirit. What a walking testimony you have to share for years to come!

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