Happenings You Missed


Here are some happenings you missed—because I am a bad blogger and fail to update regularly, even my “Wordless Wednesday” posts are fallen too silent of late!


Daniel wore a new shirt I got him and was with enthusiasm claimed, “Momma! I look just like your pillow!” Tis true, tis true. Oh, and check out those amazing freckles!


This little guy almost never naps anymore (insert sigh of exhaustion from mommy, as well as one that indicates “My baby is growing up!”) We still have “quiet time” where both boys have to go to their rooms and play quietly, but Wesley REALLY has a problem with the quietly concept. Just on Friday, I noticed too much silence. I went to his room and he wasn’t there. Turns out, in missing his brother while he is back in his school routine, Wesley climbed up in his brother’s bed, under his brother’s covers, with his brother’s stuffed animal, and took a nap. It was SO peaceful. And sweet.


I got a bookstore gift card from my brother for my birthday. I have been insisting to myself that I spend it on ME and me alone, which is hard, cause I want to get stuff for the boys. I did find these cool books and I was extremely tempted to snatch them up! Daniel claims to love science, he is a good reader, and he adores graphic novels, so this seems SO him. Anyone have experience with these texts to give me first hand feedback?


I was able to go to a Thirty-One conference last weekend, where one night we were to dress up! It was so fun to get glammed with some other gal pals, and even though I am always a tom boy at heart, I enjoy feeling pretty, which all of us were able to feel that night. Such fun!


Because of aforementioned gift card, we’ve been visiting the book store a lot more lately. This particular day we were headed to our free summer karate program when we stopped. I just loved the sight of the kiddos in their uniforms claiming a spot on the floor to read. I love that Thomas and I have fostered a love of the written word with ours kids, even if along side a love for time on the iPhone.



That’s right, I finally went there. Ikea, I’ve heard so much about you. You definitely lived up to all the hype. Thank goodness the budget did not allow me to buy all I wanted or liked. I will settle for a bright red rug for the bonus room for $20, thank you very much.


While at my conference I was able to slip away and spend time with this great high school friend, Jen. She was part of my core friendships that seriously changed my life. I was one of those weird people that loved high school. I’d go back to those years at anytime. And even though she and I went to different schools, we were helpers in life, and I am SO grateful she and I were able to connect. Soon, she will become a momma to two, and I have loved sharing my tiny bits of mommy wisdom with her. I’m glad she made time for me, and showed me the ropes at Ikea. I would have for real been lost without her.


These are no joke. I would like to call them little miracles: Iced Carmel Macchaito. I’ve been blessed with some Starbucks cards for my birthday as well, and I’ve somewhat blown through them. But every sip is was totally worth it.


This is my niece. I dare you to tell me what is not to love in this picture. Just try….cause it is all perfection.



Here are some of my sweet friends from college (above and below) at the Wesley Foundation’s summer picnic. Thomas and I have not missed a single one in the 10 years since his graduation from college (and my 9!). This was the place where I first met him, the place where I formed so many amazing relationships, the place where I grew spiritually, opened my mind to the beauty of the gospel, and found a place to call home.  It is also the place that is responsible for the name of my second son, so obviously it made an impact. So glad to reconnect.


Oh yeah, we totally did Chick-fil-a’s Cow Appreciation Day. You know me, I’m frugal, so how could I pass up free meals all around just by dressing up like a cow? I certainly didn’t miss out, nor did my baby calves. They were all about it too, cause they love them some Chick-fil-a as well.



Guess that’s it! Although much more has gone on, these are just some quick iPhone photo highlights. So, for the grandparents that sometimes are able to function and figure out the Internet to find their way to this blog, I’ve given you a bunch of pictures to swoon over! Everyone else, I suppose I did the same for you too :O).


2 thoughts on “Happenings You Missed

  1. That whole series of books are FANTASTIC! I have the music one in my room at school. They cover a huge range of topics. I think Daniel would like them.

    And I totally agree, that picture of your niece is perfection. ;-)

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