Despicable Me 2

Last week I was able to snag some FREE, early release tickets to Despicable Me 2. We were quite excited about going to the movies at no cost. Once there, right before we got past the special line and ticket counter for us watching this early showing, we discovered it was going to be in 3D!

The boys and I had actually had a busy morning that day, complete with a playdate at a Children’s Museum with my niece and nephew that I watched while their mom attended a meeting. So, with a 7PM start time, I was worried about the kiddos getting grumpy. Wesley had one moment where he asked to leave at the very end, only because he was so tired. Instead, he sat with Thomas and then with me for a few minutes and all was well.

The movie on a whole was great! It would be completely enjoyable in 3D or not, but there were certainly some great moments augmented by the 3D experience. There were several jokes that were perfectly timed and written just for the parents, but nothing was crass or uncomfortable, as some cartoons now days try to do just for the sake of humor. The minions were absolutely hysterical and accounted for most of the funniest moments. Steve Carell, the voice of the main character, did a great job, just as he did in the first movie. At the end, parents especially can enjoy some early 90s songs from the minions that are funny and cute. Kids laugh cause it is just good but parents laugh over the parody of it all.

If you see it, especially if you see it in 3D, stay for the credits! The minions pull some stunts and they were *amazing* in 3D. I seriously was mesmerized by the bubbles they blew out onto the audience. It was seriously unreal and so very cool. In the words of Wesley, “If you don’t got glasses on, you just see bubbles, but if you got glasses on, you see them on the audience and can try to touch them!”

So, final verdict, go see it! It opens for all you not able to get sneak peek passes on July 3rd. If you are looking for something family oriented to do on the 4th or over the holiday weekend, it would be a good choice!

And, if you go around your kiddos’ bed times, you will show up at home with a kid looking like this:



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