Summer Jam 2013 (VBS)

Last week was our Summer Jam at church, which is normally known by 99% of the rest of the Christian world as Vacation Bible School. Our church took a “camp” like approach and let kiddos K-5th choose an activity to do all week long. Kids below K did a slightly different schedule of fun, complete with crafts galore and face painting. Daniel chose archery as his track time and had a great time. He only hit the target (a Styrofoam square) a few times, but he never seemed too upset about it. He was just thrilled to have “real arrows” the entire time….and to be surrounded by friends!

I was in persuaded to lead up Flag Football, which meant the full week outside from 9:30-12:30. It was a blast though, even if hot most days. I had a great teenager helper, Houston, and he was a big blessing. I honestly couldn’t have done it without him! He plays quarterback for his homeschool league, so he could very consistently throw a spiral and he did a great job toning it down for the younger grades.

The kids, of course, did other things than just their track time, such as big assembly, faith skills, Bible study, rec time, and lunch. All in all, it was a fantastic week, even if the stupid “face paint” was not face paint, and poor Wesley’s dragon face was a complete and full nightmare to get off, while he cried and wailed “it hurts!”

Below are some amazing pictures, compliments of two wonderful ladies (Kelley and Michelle) who went around all day taking great shots to share with parents and the church. Photo credit for all the awesomeness goes completely to them. Enjoy the ones of me and my boys (there are quite a bit)!

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