10 Years in May!

Thomas and I celebrated 10 years together in marriage in the month of May. We had always thought for our 10 year anniversary we would do something grand, but 10 years got here before we knew it, and we didn’t really anticipate him being back in school, so our plans had to adapt a little. Short on time to be together, we took advantage of the Memorial Day weekend and went to the Smoky Mountains for a few days, sans kids. Our decision to go to the mountains made sense though, cause that was our honeymoon location 10 sweet years ago.

We had a great view from our cabin:20130619-155512.jpg

And that was where we spent much of our time, lounging, reading books, watching a movie, relaxing in the hot tub, and just enjoying some peacefulness. No work, no school, no kids, just us.


We also did a few things “in town,” such as a trip to the outlet mall, putt-putt, watching Star Trek in theaters, and taking a bit of time to hike and enjoy the views and nature.


Thomas surprised me with an anniversary band, complete with a diamond for every year that he “has known and loved me in marriage.” It was such a surprise! We had once upon a time talked about me getting a band, but that talk was many years old. I love how it is simple yet beautiful. Sparkly and perfect. It is truly the band I would have chosen 10 years ago, had we had finances at the time of our wedding to do so. Now, however, it means so much more, cause we are 10 years into this crazy, beautiful mess called marriage and he still wants to keep me.

I can’t wait to celebrate even more years in marriage. We’ve been best friends for one, dated for one, engaged for one, and married for 10. What an unbelievable 13 years of life together! :O)


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