Daddy’s Day!

Our church did a great job helping to make the day special. From a family breakfast to a building workshop, we had great activities. Thomas sang in the all men’s choir for worship, and after church we went to lunch out together. Next, I took the kiddos home while Daddy got to enjoy a movie and time at the firing range, where he was able to shoot some of the bullets we got him as part of his Father’s Day gift.



A few weeks prior, Daniel had made a card for Thomas. He couldn’t wait to present it, so he gave it early. Inside, Daniel had put $5 that someone had given him as a graduation gift, and Thomas and I both about lost it. It was amazingly sweet and completely self sacrificing. I promise those are two traits Daniel learned from his Daddy, so it was fitting to see him display those traits back to him. Thomas didn’t keep the money but it was a very sweet moment. (and I love how Daniel always draws himself with his freckles, which tend to look like zits. Ha!)

I am so blessed seeing my children with their father. I will think often about how Daniel has had his daddy around two years longer than I had mine. Wesley is the age that I was when I had to say good bye. I pray that God gives my children many, many, many more years with their earthly father. Thomas is an amazing one, full of compassion, grace, and patience that I can never measure up to having or showing. He has book smarts and street smarts; I am frequently amazed at what he knows and can learn. Wisdom is not lacking in him, and he has a positive, glass half full approach that helps to make our family strong. He can play Legos with the kids or take his fair share of “run hugs” and tackling from his rowdy boys. Indeed, I am blessed to have a great man in my life to be the father to my children, and they are blessed to have an amazing man to call Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day Thomas!


2 thoughts on “Daddy’s Day!

  1. From all I’ve seen, Thomas is a great Father who knows its important to have fun with your kids also. He is a good Godly Man. I think you are both so blessed to have found each other.

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