Wordless Wednesday: Just as Suspected



Mother’s Day

I had a great Mother’s Day, complete with 3 meals, none of which I had to cook!





See all the Cracker Barrel to go products above? Proof that nothing was cooked! My brother, his girl friend, my mom, and my family all ate an early dinner at my house. I tried not to get overly anxious about the amount of plastic that we threw away from the to go containers, but that also meant no dishes to be washed, just a few glasses and forks.

The boys were overly excited to celebrate me. In fact, a few days earlier, Daniel told me in a hushed tone, “Momma, I have something very important to tell you.” He seemed upset, so I gently asked him what was wrong. He replied, “I picked you flowers for Mother’s Day and hid them under my bed so you wouldn’t find them but they just shrunk all the way up and I had to throw them away.” Bless his heart!

I *did* still get flowers, those pretty roses surrounded by Cracker Barrel goodness. I also got some jewelry, the lovely necklace I am wearing in my pictures with the boys above, which I requested to have and Thomas had to hunt down for me. I was truly surprised he found it. I also got a bracelet, compliments of Daniel. It was bangle made out of paper, complete with a hand drawn heart on top (I think you can see it in the pics above, not yet on my wrist). I actually wore it to church too :O).

At church, we took a family photo, which is a gift given to the congregation. I have not seen mine yet, but I have low hopes. Wesley turned shy and sad when we walked into the door, and I think he might have been cradling my right breast with his hand, definitely cuddling it with his cheek, as we took the photo. Maybe, just maybe, one turned out ok. The kids also filled out a sheet about me in their Sunday School classes. Wesley said I was 15 years old and that my favorite foods were bacon and spaghetti. I do not necessarily like spaghetti, and although I do like bacon, I wouldn’t say it was my favorite. Those are HIS favorites. Daniel said I made “chocolate pie” the best, which is what he calls our gooey, sugar filled, stick of butter, absolutely yummy fudge pie. I can see how that one is a winner.

It was a great day.