Invented Spelling

invented spelling

Oh let me tell you, invented spelling blesses my heart. Always has, always will. When literacy is emerging, seeing a child take hold of language and just write it how it sounds does this teacher of writing much good. But this Momma’s heart? Well, there are no accurate words for how impacting it is to me. I cherish all the attempts to convey thoughts and feelings. My type A first born can often find it hard to “just guess” when it comes to writing, but when he goes for it, without inhibition, I melt. For those of your that don’t speak this language, I will translate:

“I hope you have a great day Mom and I love you and Dad. From Daniel”


I get little nuggets of blessings like this from Daniel frequently, but this little letter from yesterday really sticks with me, for obvious reasons.I’ll keep it forever.

Well, I will keep it forever for those obvious reasons……and the fact we have phallic noses. That will make anyone chuckle, at least a little.


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