“Take the Day Off”

Recently I listened to a sermon from Gateway Church that I think many of us need to hear. Most all of the sermons form this pastor are amazing and well spoken, raw and challenging, basic yet engaging. I highly recommend that you download some podcasts or watch some videos while you are folding laundry, commuting, or what not. You will not regret it! I feel like the past 8 months that I have been consistently listening to these sermons twice a week I have learned much and grown, felt challenged, in how I operate in my faith.

This particular sermon spoke to me in a strong way, and in the month since hearing it, I have been consistently Sabbathing on Fridays, all day. I try not to log into any emails, get overly stressed about any dishes, or grade any papers. I just live and enjoy life. Sabbath is hard to find when your husband works every Saturday for the past 9 months and going to church, at this stage of my life with small kids, never really equals relaxing, and Sunday afternoons just feel like moments to get everything together for the next week. I instruct for a brick and mortar college two days a week, but, as a means of helping my husband attending school to pursue a dream, I also teach on-line classes, which have a way of creeping into all days of the week due to their accessibility.

We’re in a tough phase, and often we have both felt forgotten by those closest to us as we have walked through what is undoubtedly the hardest year of our lives, together or apart. From the failed house sale and abandoning tenants, to the kicked you out landlord, to the miscarriage, to a brand new business, to new incomes, to starting kindergarten, to starting grad school, to hospital rotations, we both feel like at times we can’t breathe or catch up or manage our new lives. We are only surviving because our God is so good and my mom is so amazing. Without those two, you could have dug our graves back February before last when all these things were forced our way.

At what felt like a breaking point in stress, God gave me this sermon, for when the pastor, Robert Morris, uttered the words, it was the start of December of 2012. I listed to it at the start of April 2013, almost exactly 4 months later. I just clicked the next sermon on my downloads and prayed to God simultaneously that it would be a blessing—and boy did he bless.

So, I’ve been meaning to clue you into it. Cause mommas always have laundry, and husbands always have jobs, and teachers always have papers, and students always have tests, and ___fill in your blank here____. It happens and will continue to happen. But you need to grab your Sabbath before one is claimed for you!

Click on the ink below and invest 30 minutes into getting some amazing lessons………and then begin to Sabbath!

Take the Day Off: Gateway Church, 12/1/12, by Robert Morris




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