Easter Pictures: Unofficial Winner, 2013

My friend posted her Easter pictures and lamented that they couldn’t get a decent family photo with two toddlers. (I think they all look great in their Easter clothes!)  I did comment though on her blog that as bad as she thought hers were, they were most certainly much better than mine.

I will now provide the evidence:

IMG_6146IMG_6143To top it off, the whole day was incredibly rainy and grey and cold and windy. This serves to show why my hair is so big it might deserve its own zip code. Maybe it could also go to help answer why my boys were so wild and crazy. That and Easter candy (hello sugar rush, cause Mommy never lets them have that much sugar and candy!)

At least they got an indoor egg hunt at church:



Oh wait….. I do have one extremely fabulous picture that Daniel took of me and Thomas at my mom’s:


Yeah, I think I win the unofficial contest of worst family Easter photos.

At least I *did* get one decent image of Grandma and Grandsons:

IMG_6140I’d love to see your attempts to capture your family in their Easter garb. Hopefully they are better than mine. :O)


4 thoughts on “Easter Pictures: Unofficial Winner, 2013

  1. Hahahaha oh my goodness I am laughing out loud. Ok I feel better now. That last one with your mom is frame worthy.

  2. This made me laugh a lot! We had my brother take some “first family beach trip photos” and I was thinking “Christmas card” originally, but Zoe is frowning in all of the pictures! But then I realized that these photos capture these stages of life in a more precious way than the posed ones. I’ll have fun showing Zoe her sulky little self someday just like you’ll probably have fun showing the boys these pictures!

    • You have many future family portrait fails to come! But as you say, they are a true representation of what life really is. In fact, we have some “on the beach with a sulky newborn” family pics too. It is now an 8X10 hanging in our hallway. :O)

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