The Color Run

As you know, I like to run. Road races aren’t new to me, but this particular race was a first. Although I was a bit skeptical at registration time, I truly had a blast and I hope this will not be my last go at The Color Run, a.ka. “The Happiest 5k on the Planet!”

Two friends from college and another mutual friend were setting out to run their first 5k. They thought this particular, non-chip timed event would be a great starter race, and they invited me along for the event to be a part of their team (hello discounted registration!).

The plan? Wear white…….


And get doused in colored corn starch while running 3 miles.



It was an incredible amount of fun.

Part of the great time was that I knew so many other people that were running the race and I was able to meet up with or causally cross paths with them, which was quite surprising considering the number of participants.


The pictures basically all speak for themselves, and I can’t wait to run it again.


The race is coming back to my area in the fall, and I plan to take the kids and hubby……and my mom……but Wesley told her she wasn’t a good runner and that she couldn’t do it. Ha! Good thing about this race, there is literally no condemnation about walking. I mean, we stopped mid race and posed for a picture, along with many other groups. It is really just about having a fantastic time, so all fitness levels can join in on the race.

Check out the race schedules and find one near you. It will be worth it, trust me.IMG_6119IMG_6118


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