Invented Spelling

invented spelling

Oh let me tell you, invented spelling blesses my heart. Always has, always will. When literacy is emerging, seeing a child take hold of language and just write it how it sounds does this teacher of writing much good. But this Momma’s heart? Well, there are no accurate words for how impacting it is to me. I cherish all the attempts to convey thoughts and feelings. My type A first born can often find it hard to “just guess” when it comes to writing, but when he goes for it, without inhibition, I melt. For those of your that don’t speak this language, I will translate:

“I hope you have a great day Mom and I love you and Dad. From Daniel”


I get little nuggets of blessings like this from Daniel frequently, but this little letter from yesterday really sticks with me, for obvious reasons.I’ll keep it forever.

Well, I will keep it forever for those obvious reasons……and the fact we have phallic noses. That will make anyone chuckle, at least a little.


Insta Friday

Enjoy a few pictures from the past few weeks, all of which have been previously posted to Instagram. It is fun to look at life via snapshots.














“Take the Day Off”

Recently I listened to a sermon from Gateway Church that I think many of us need to hear. Most all of the sermons form this pastor are amazing and well spoken, raw and challenging, basic yet engaging. I highly recommend that you download some podcasts or watch some videos while you are folding laundry, commuting, or what not. You will not regret it! I feel like the past 8 months that I have been consistently listening to these sermons twice a week I have learned much and grown, felt challenged, in how I operate in my faith.

This particular sermon spoke to me in a strong way, and in the month since hearing it, I have been consistently Sabbathing on Fridays, all day. I try not to log into any emails, get overly stressed about any dishes, or grade any papers. I just live and enjoy life. Sabbath is hard to find when your husband works every Saturday for the past 9 months and going to church, at this stage of my life with small kids, never really equals relaxing, and Sunday afternoons just feel like moments to get everything together for the next week. I instruct for a brick and mortar college two days a week, but, as a means of helping my husband attending school to pursue a dream, I also teach on-line classes, which have a way of creeping into all days of the week due to their accessibility.

We’re in a tough phase, and often we have both felt forgotten by those closest to us as we have walked through what is undoubtedly the hardest year of our lives, together or apart. From the failed house sale and abandoning tenants, to the kicked you out landlord, to the miscarriage, to a brand new business, to new incomes, to starting kindergarten, to starting grad school, to hospital rotations, we both feel like at times we can’t breathe or catch up or manage our new lives. We are only surviving because our God is so good and my mom is so amazing. Without those two, you could have dug our graves back February before last when all these things were forced our way.

At what felt like a breaking point in stress, God gave me this sermon, for when the pastor, Robert Morris, uttered the words, it was the start of December of 2012. I listed to it at the start of April 2013, almost exactly 4 months later. I just clicked the next sermon on my downloads and prayed to God simultaneously that it would be a blessing—and boy did he bless.

So, I’ve been meaning to clue you into it. Cause mommas always have laundry, and husbands always have jobs, and teachers always have papers, and students always have tests, and ___fill in your blank here____. It happens and will continue to happen. But you need to grab your Sabbath before one is claimed for you!

Click on the ink below and invest 30 minutes into getting some amazing lessons………and then begin to Sabbath!

Take the Day Off: Gateway Church, 12/1/12, by Robert Morris



Easter Pictures: Unofficial Winner, 2013

My friend posted her Easter pictures and lamented that they couldn’t get a decent family photo with two toddlers. (I think they all look great in their Easter clothes!)  I did comment though on her blog that as bad as she thought hers were, they were most certainly much better than mine.

I will now provide the evidence:

IMG_6146IMG_6143To top it off, the whole day was incredibly rainy and grey and cold and windy. This serves to show why my hair is so big it might deserve its own zip code. Maybe it could also go to help answer why my boys were so wild and crazy. That and Easter candy (hello sugar rush, cause Mommy never lets them have that much sugar and candy!)

At least they got an indoor egg hunt at church:



Oh wait….. I do have one extremely fabulous picture that Daniel took of me and Thomas at my mom’s:


Yeah, I think I win the unofficial contest of worst family Easter photos.

At least I *did* get one decent image of Grandma and Grandsons:

IMG_6140I’d love to see your attempts to capture your family in their Easter garb. Hopefully they are better than mine. :O)

The Color Run

As you know, I like to run. Road races aren’t new to me, but this particular race was a first. Although I was a bit skeptical at registration time, I truly had a blast and I hope this will not be my last go at The Color Run, a.ka. “The Happiest 5k on the Planet!”

Two friends from college and another mutual friend were setting out to run their first 5k. They thought this particular, non-chip timed event would be a great starter race, and they invited me along for the event to be a part of their team (hello discounted registration!).

The plan? Wear white…….


And get doused in colored corn starch while running 3 miles.



It was an incredible amount of fun.

Part of the great time was that I knew so many other people that were running the race and I was able to meet up with or causally cross paths with them, which was quite surprising considering the number of participants.


The pictures basically all speak for themselves, and I can’t wait to run it again.


The race is coming back to my area in the fall, and I plan to take the kids and hubby……and my mom……but Wesley told her she wasn’t a good runner and that she couldn’t do it. Ha! Good thing about this race, there is literally no condemnation about walking. I mean, we stopped mid race and posed for a picture, along with many other groups. It is really just about having a fantastic time, so all fitness levels can join in on the race.

Check out the race schedules and find one near you. It will be worth it, trust me.IMG_6119IMG_6118