Dr. Seuss: Read Across America

2011RAAlogosmallThis week is Read Across America week!

In honor of Dr. Seuss and his birthday, people all around and everywhere, even those that claim not to care, should gather from near and gather from far, to become a better reader than they already are!

(I totally just made that up—it sounds Seussian, right?)

We kicked off a little early last Friday with a play date book swap at the house. We had several families from church (4 mommies, 1 daddy, and 9 kids) over to play and make bookmarks, along with trade books. It was truly a nice and relaxing time. I was pretty amazed at how well the kids all got along, which made things extremely conducive for real conversation and fantastic play.

Here are some of the kiddos, laying claim to a book to bring home.

Here are some of the kiddos, laying claim to a book to bring home.

This week, Daniel has had some themed days at school (today is PJ day!), and he has been reading lots of Dr. Seuss books. Today, I was able to go and read books to his class in the library. Since Wesley and I eat lunch with Daniel at least once a week,along with helping in his classroom here and there,  all the kids know me, and if one child sees me, they start yelling Daniel’s name with excitement. They loved having me read to them, and I enjoyed it as well.

Just a little bit of _Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate's ABCs_ for the kids!

Just a little bit of _Shiver Me Letters: A Pirate’s ABCs_ for the kids!

Together, Wesley and I also made some treats for Daniel’s class that he will deliver to them tomorrow (I took the egg idea from this site but adjusted all the details to make them Dr. Seuss worthy):

DSC_0023That’s right, a little bit of “green eggs and ham.” They are quite a sweet treat and definitely not clean, but they are themed and cute, and I am quite the sucker for that sort of thing.

I also had the boys decorate some little fliers to hand out to the office worker’s at Daniel’s school, so they would be able to better appreciate the goodies when I deliver them tomorrow (I used this site’s printable and shrank it to put 6 on a single page; I kept one big one to make color sheets for the kiddos in Daniel’s class):

"I do, I do like Green Eggs and Ham! Thank you, thank you, Sam I Am!"

“I do, I do like Green Eggs and Ham! Thank you, thank you, Sam I Am!”


To cap it all off, Saturday night I will join in on my first book club meeting with some old friends and random new folk. I have really been wanting to up my reading time, and to be completely honest, if it’s not set to a timeline, I will take forever to read it. So, with a date to sit down and discuss on the calendar, I’ve been making my way through Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn.

How have you been celebrating the beauty of reading this week? If you haven’t done a single thing, have no fear—the week’s not over yet! :O)

So, grab some green eggs and ham, snuggle up with “Sam I Am.” Make time to read and you will see, the world if quite bigger than just you and me when taking time to read.

Think "Sam I Am" would approve?

Think “Sam I Am” would approve?

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