Valentine’s Day Boxes

Daniel needed to create a Valentine’s Day box for school. The kiddos will be exchanging valentines at church, so I figured it wise to go ahead and create one for Wesley too. Besides, he can’t not make one while his bubba does! So, my less than crafty self came up with the idea to predominately cover the box with some clearanced Batman wrapping paper, adding their names with toothpicks. Daniel colored and cut out each of his individual letters, but since I knew it would be too hard for Welsey, I let him color and then just cut his whole name out for him. I drew one heart as an example, and then Daniel drew the rest of his own hearts, as well as Wesley’s. Daniel cut out everything on his own, and Wesley managed to cut all his own hearts out nicely. We then adorned them with a little bit of Valentine stickers and that was that!





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