Kid Wisdom

Yesterday, the weather was nice, and I took advantage of it play outside with the kiddos. Before we began our game of basketball though, I told them I wanted to work out, so they would have to eat their snack and play alone until I was done.

I chose a quick Crossfit WOD that provided some intense movements that would challenge me but be over with quickly, so they wouldn’t have to wait as long. With just 3 rounds for time, I had in about 9 minutes approached the last round and began my final set of 25 hand release push ups. At the close of the push-ups, before heading into the kettlebell movements, I was spent.  When I did the 24th, I released my hands and then just stayed there on the ground, catching some strength before lifting back up and completing the last of the set.

Wesley, in between bites of a banana, lovingly said in a soft  and gentle voice, “Momma, you tired?” I, in between gasps of catching my breath, replied, “Yeah baby, I’m tired,” and then, at the close of those words, I pushed myself back up and prepped to pound out the last push-up. Just as my arms locked out, right before I began to descend, Wesley, in an emergent, what in the world are you thinking type of voice, cried out hastily, “THEN STOP DOING THAT!”

And I did stop, momentarily at least, cause I had to laugh so much.


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