Wordless Wednesday: The First

I have seen in the blog world in the past people posting pictures for “Wordless Wednesday.” I have great things rolling around in my mind that I want to blog about, trust me, you would be amazed, but my time allotment does not allow for me to do as I wish (you should see my “drafts” section). So, this wordless deal would help me to post more, and it would require basically no thought on my end, just a bit of time to publish a pic (and choose which one). Now, obviously I have already broken the one rule of Wordless Wednesday by posting words here, but I figure I should explain myself first, right? I will not, however, despite the desire to do so, add any additional comments about the picture below.

I would also like to challenge some of you other blogging friends of mine to join in on this. I know we all want to document life a little more and share with our friends and family near and far about what goes on with our kids, jobs, pets, landscapes, etc, so why not participate in Wordless Wednesday? If you decide to play along, feel free to post your blog in the comments so that I can know to check out your site!

Without further delay, I present to you Wordless Wednesday:



7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: The First

  1. Great idea! I too have a huge number of drafts, lots to say, lots of incomplete ideas, and absolutely no time to write. Haha. Maybe I will join you on Wednesdays. Surely I can post a picture!

  2. Adam and I celebrated our first anniversary on October 1st, and in the words of Mumford and Sons “I ain’t ever lived a year better spent in love.” I’m so incredibly thankful for Adam and the little family we’ve created. What a year! It seems like just moments ago we piled our closest friends and family into a sun-soaked field behind a giant octagonal barn, laughing and crying our way through the vows.

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