Sickness Quota

We generally stay healthy around here. We eat well, stay active, and that tends to be enough to keep us safe. Two weeks ago though, Wesley came into our room at 5AM and was wailing of his tummy hurting. Before we could let his words sink in and begin responding, he vomited. Fortunately, it was on Thomas and his side of the bed, not mine :0)

This began a full day of me cuddling with a feverish little guy. I prescribed him rest and liquids, so we did just that.


I have never seen his temp get so high, and I was able to wear a few rounds of puke as the day progressed. It was an odd change of pace for us, together lounging all day long, in silence mainly, with very little movement at all, and as he snoozed on my chest, I played a game on my phone or read. With him just having a high temp and the vomiting ceasing, we just waited out the fever and prayed no one else got sick.




(when we had to go in the car one day, I had Wesley hold on to a mason jar in case he felt like he needed to throw up again. Fortunately, the jar stayed empty and the car stayed clean)

Once little Wesley was feeling better, we went three glorious days with no fever and no one else getting sick. I had assumed we were all in the clear, so life resumed as usual. Soon though, bliss was interrupted and Daniel began to run a high fever, which I know is just his body doing its job, but no momma (or daddy for that matter) enjoys seeing 104.7


He did not get sick to his stomach but he did complain of his throat hurting. This commenced tons of resting and TV watching, with hopes of no one else getting sick.


Once the next day was coming to a close, as Daniel seemed to be on the mend,  and it was at that point I began to feel crummy. Turns out, all my cuddling with and caring for my boys made me a recipient.

When Monday came, Thomas went off to carry out his daily grind and my mom came to get Wesley so that Daniel and I could be puny together. He began to beg me to take him to the doctor and I began to feel progressively worse, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to get some sort of diagnosis.

I likely shouldn’t have driven us to the doctor, but I did. By the time we got home, I couldn’t think straight, and I felt as though my brain was literally melting out of my ears. I, too, now had a high fever, and my sadness increased as I thought about how my babies had likely felt that bad too but just didn’t have the ability to convey it to me fully.

At one point, I might or might not have called my mom crying. I’ll let you guess on if my 30 year old self did that or not.

With Thomas home, I talked to him in non-sense and he pushed some meds on me and I fell asleep. He canceled  his next day activities and Wesley continued to stay with my mom, so Thomas took care of me (and Daniel too for that matter). I got soup and water and coffee, along with lots of love, with very little time out of the bed. In fact, this was my sickly view to the left and the right for two full days:

IMG_5041Exciting, isn’t it?

As fast as we were all sick, we were better, for the sickness was plain fast but very furious. However, when added between the 3 of us, it was one long week. So far, one solid week into wellness, Thomas has steered clear of the germs, which is fantastic, being that he is the one in the family that can least afford it.

Here’s hoping that was the only sickness we share this year. It would be good to have our sickness quota taken care of for 2013!

I hope your 2013 is off to a great start of health, not sickness.


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