New Year, Old News

It is officially 2013……but I forgot to tell you of some happenings from 2012. So, since I don’t keep a scrapbook other than this digital one, I want to log these moments for my future self.

This one happened quite a bit ago, but I never shared it here: Thomas commutes into school via the train. This has been kinda cool for him, and it gives him a grand opportunity to avoid traffic and fall asleep or study while someone else handles the transportation. He also gets to circumvent parking on campus and buying a costly parking pass. One day I had a friend in from another state attending a conference. She and I were going to have dinner together during one of her breaks, but if I waited on Thomas to get home from his hospital work and then headed out, I would not have been able to make the timeline work. Instead, I drove into the city and met Thomas at the train station and exchanged a kiss with him, along with handing off the kiddos.

IMG_3596They were so excited, they couldn’t even look at me for the photo. Both boys were bouncing and twitching about getting on the train. It was crazy cute! They rode the train home with Daddy and it was all they talked about for weeks.

I didn’t tell you about Daniel’s first race! Beginning in the summer, at each road race, Daniel insisted that he wanted to run too. When I ran the Halloween Haunt in my chicken costume, he begged to come along, but with that being a 5 miler, I knew it would be nothing but a bad choice if I agreed. Thanksgiving day though, there was a Turkey Trot 1 mile fun run, so I signed the boy and myself up and we were ready to run!

IMG_4260(I like the cute kid photo bombing in the back. I like to believe he is thinking of how awesome I am and that he wish his mom were to run with him in the race) Daniel completed the whole mile and had a super time. I didn’t get our official pace, but it wasn’t about that of course. It was about Daniel doing something that I love, which was also something he wanted to do. All Thanksgiving day he was busy telling everyone what he had done that morning. Such a great boy!

DSC_0166And I know this picture does not have him in it, but I just love this picture anyway, cause it shows me, unaware that Thomas was taking our photo as we prepared to cross the start line, and I am genuinely proud of my 6 year old road race runner in his very first Turkey Trot.

Daniel also performed in a school Christmas musical. He sang some superb songs, like “Hip Hop the Reindeer.” Christmas classic, indeed.

IMG_4321 He looks a little unsure in this picture above, but he really did a great job in the performance. One of the best bell ringers out there, if you ask me. IMG_4322In late November, after Thanksgiving, my mom celebrated another birthday. I know how old she is but I am not sure I should tell you :O).  We went out to eat and had a great time

IMG_4289Thomas and I, along with Wesley, were able to go to Daniel’s Christmas party at school to help and have fun.


Parents were asked to send a wrapped book to school for their kiddo to open at the celebration. Daniel unwrapped his fast and read it faster. That boy is a fantastic reader, and I am so glad he loves exploring a book.


I bought the game Operation for the kiddos. I thought that they would like it, and I remember loving it when young. Although they have made some slight changes to the game, it is still a fun one, and the fine motor skills it helps to improve is pretty awesome.


Even Thomas took the game seriously :O)


I was able to chaperone Daniel’s field trip to a local arts center to see an animal exhibition. We rode together in the very last seat on the big school bus. He was so proud to be sitting next to me. May those sweet days never fade (insert very, very wishful thinking here. I would love it to be, although I doubt it probable at 15 that he will want me sitting next to him)


So yeah, new year, old news, but essentially since I have put it on the good ol’ web log, it is actually new news, right?


Happy New Year! I hope yours is off to a great start. Maybe this year I will update more frequently, for I know inquiring minds want to know the mundane and the magnificent about our days :O). Much more has happened, obviously, but at least logging a few here makes for a good record.

Be on the lookout for a Christmas recap. Maybe I can get that one out in January too!


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